Jennifer Lopez And Bradley Cooper Dodge Dating Rumor

Update-Is Jennifer Lopez dating Bradley Cooper and moving on from Marc Anthony? Depending on who you ask you may hear yes or no. The newly singly but technically married actress/singer was spotted on a date out to dinner with Hangover star Bradley Cooper. JLo and Marc announced their divorce just under two months ago on July 15th. Marc has since stated that the marriage was over for some time – so much for a reconciliation. Certainly rumors of Marc getting too close with HawthoRNe co-star Jada Pinkett didn’t help things much.

Bradley on the other hand split from actress Renee Zellweger in March of this year after the pair dated for a couple years.

So what’s the deal? According to TMZ, Jen and Bradley had a “romantic” dinner at Per Se restaurant at Columbus Circle in New York City. The city and location may be correct but People counters quoting a source that the two met to work on a project. Isn’t that how Scarlett’s fling with Sean Penn began? Hmm…either way, we’re just hoping Jennifer Lopez isn’t attempting to reclaim her Bennifer days.


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