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Beyonce Pregnancy Cravings Revealed

Beyonce just announced her pregnancy last month and already reports of her cravings are surfacing. If you were suffering from Beyonce overload before be warned it will get worse. For a couple who are notoriously private about their relationship, something tells us, whether they like it or not, every moment of this pregnancy will documented. With that said, while Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z enjoyed their a cruise through Italy and Croatia, where proudly showed off the baby bump, the Sun obtained reports about Bey’s odd cravings.

“Usually guests sip … champagne while nibbling on lobster,” a source told the Sun. “Instead Beyonce is having these very odd cravings.”

Amongst them? Oreo cookies, gherkins, ice cream with hot chilli sauce, croissants with melted Dime bars inside and dipping bananas in ketchup.

Beyonce has previously stated she can devour an entire package of Oreos, so that’s unsurprising, though it’s guilty free now. Ice cream with chilli sauce sounds quite interesting.

On another note Beyonce’s younger sister Solange was blocking reporters from questioning her about Beyonce’s pregnancy. Maybe there will be some privacy after all. According to the New York Post, Solange was DJing at a Fashion Night Out event when a Today Show host, Hoda Kotb, was approaching. Solange’s publicist Charles Wade did some blocking,

“What do you want to talk to [Solange] about? She won’t answer questions about Beyoncé.”

“She won’t answer any questions about Beyoncé … I need to know what questions you’ll ask.”

Beyonce announced her pregnancy in a very public fashion why all the secrecy now? Is it just Solange? Solange will have to do a whole lot more to block information from leaking about Beyonce’s pregnancy.

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