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Basketball Wives LA Imani Showalter Suffers Backlash Over Draya Comment

The cast of Basketball Wives LA are already dividing fans down the middle. Much like it’s Miami predecessor, the Los Angeles cast is building it’s fan base. Before the season premiered Draya Michele managed to grab most of the attention. Is she a jump-off/groupie? Has she dated any ballers? Did she abandon her child? Was she a stripper?

In the second episode when the remaining cast met Draya many of the aforementioned questions were answered. Imani took issue with Draya’s stripping past and immediately wrote her off. Fast forward to the end of the Passion Party – which I too thought was a sex party but turns out to an uplifting party (Ha!) – and the ladies are asked to chose adjectives to describe their cast mates. Things move along just fine until Draya’s box – which was conveniently saved for last. Most of the ladies had pleasant things to say except for Imani. The adjective for Draya: Worthless.

It didn’t take long for Imani to receive some backlash from viewers. She took to twitter to further stand behind her choice

“Having an opinion and judging are 2 separate things. Even if its unpopular I have to stick to my beliefs. Sorry guys,” said Showalter. “I will take all the backlash but my words had nothing to do with her stripping or any man issues. It’s was a deeper issue. Will all unfold.”

“Not hating on that “career” choice… Somebody gotta do it!!! Just my opinion,” Showalter continued.

As the backlash increased Imani added,

“Should I take all this hostility as “judgement” since I’ve never met most of you…. or opinions?,” said Imani. “Either way, I accept it for what it is.”

The scene was a bit heartbreaking. I applaud Malaysia for showing some compassion. Watch the scene below. Was Imani out of line?

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39 thoughts on “Basketball Wives LA Imani Showalter Suffers Backlash Over Draya Comment

  1. Ellen1 says:

    Yes. Imani was soo far out of line. She’s looking like a big old fat miserable HATER. I hope some of this is editing/scripting… Seriously.–That “worthless” comment was down right evil…I mean what about the Life Coach ? I was so shocked i found myself in tears…

  2. zara says:

    Imani is old and not cute. Her husband is no doubt getting it elsewhere….and she is miserable.

  3. TOSHA says:


  4. Ellen1 says:

    Yes. Imani was soo far out of line. She’s looking like a big old fat miserable HATER. I hope some of this is editing/scripting… Seriously.–That “worthless” comment was down right evil…I mean what about the Life Coach ? I was so shocked i found myself in tears… Just sayin’ this whole episode …with the fight at the beginning… just hurt me all down in my spirit” as my grandmother used to say … LOL– I mean according to the show…these broads just met… Right? I mean …damn! this is as Miserable a group of “bitches” as I ever seen…I hope they get a chance to recover in the next episodes …

  5. dre says:

    she not married wouldnt sign the prenup so the wedding was called off

  6. Sharice says:

    You never know what position you will be put in that you have to do a job that some people might try to judge you. There are some mothers that will do whatever it takes to take care of her kids. Instead of giving them away. Draya is a young mother and I speak for all mothers when I say we do the best we can or the best we know how to take care of our kids!

  7. Nadi says:

    Let’s not forget the FACT that she was arrested for child abuse….that is WORTHLESS. these ladies are “judging” because they are obviously upstanding mothers.

  8. myvoice1 says:

    Do these women even have kids for you to think that. She looked that girl up because of jealousy. Knowone is worthless (except for murderers and pedafiles, rapest and molesters). Those people are worthless. What did that poor girl do to these woman for them to treat her so badly. You know what she did? Absolutely nothing. You have a beautiful young girl added to a bunch of old woman and they are jealous. They should worry about the one who slept with Shaquiele Oneil while he was married. They aren’t hating her because she’s busted. Jealousy is bad thing because it turns to nothing good but hate. Ugh…and knowone knows Draya not even you to determine if she was really arrested for child abuse. Knowone knows why things happen unless they have walked in that persons shoes. Dont judge.

  9. myvoice1 says:

    i agree with you 100 percent. Karma..that’s all i have to say..God does not like ugly.

  10. Lilly K. says:

    What a judgmental hypocrite this Imani has turned out to be. She was all smug and holier than thou with Draya b/c of Draya’s legal issues with her son, but come to find out IMANI has her own mother/child skeletons in the closet. She allegedly hid the fact that she had 2 kids from her ex-fiance Stephen Jackson when they began dating and had the child raised by the father. Hmmm… then was dumped at the altar b/c she would not sign a prenup.. okay.. lets see who the real jumpoff groupie bad mother worthless person is.

    Draya may not be perfect, but as a single mom, sometimes you make very poor decisions with the rationale that the ends justify the means. Fortunately her son was not physically harmed and we can hope she has learned her lesson. Wish her all the best amongst these hateful women.

  11. Mimi says:

    OBVIOUSLY????? Upstanding mothers??? Hummmmmm do some research on Miss Melisa Showalter aka Imani…who left her son to go chase a man and have two more kids out of wedlock…she actually left her son to be raised by family while she raised her basketball babies daddy kids, not the son she had by a drug dealer!!! Hummmmmm

  12. Lisa Ambeau says:

    You old ass B you got your nerves you should be a role model instant of judgeing Draya! You just mad because she is young and beatiful B what about you, b you are just jealous cause aint nobody married your ass what that say about your ass you was nothing but a jumpoff!! Are you the internet police b???Leave Draya alone!! Who wants to hang out with you b find somebody who wants to marry you after 10 years ask Draya how to get a husband b!!! you fake ass b you!!! GET A LIFE B!!

  13. Victor says:

    Imani can play on words or use semantics all she wants. When you use a word such as worthless the very definition indicates something of no value or use. To use that word to describe any human being is totally wrong and indefensible. To answer Imani’s question on twitter as to whether she should take the comments made regarding her as judgemental, she should do just that. Her behavior was judged not herself as a person. I thought she was fair person until that statement and for her to maintain that she’s correct is sickening. By the way, if a woman from the anglo ethnicity called her “niggerish”, I wonder how she’d take that. I don’t think she’d be as receptive to them offering their opinion as she said she was only doing.

  14. Becky Grey says:

    I am new to Basketball wives but I too was surprisingly hurt by what Imani said. I am a very good mother. I have two grown daughters and about to retire from a very respectable job. But I have done some things that I am not proud of, out of ignorance, arrogance or necessity but I would never consider myself worthless, nor would I feel that way about anyone. Whatever Draya issues are/were with her child, I’m sure that she has learned to handle things better or learned to be careful of “well meaning” people in her private life.
    If Imani has been using a life coach, she may need more time with her. I’m sure a life coach would agree that no one is worthless.
    Just an added note. If Imani thought that what she said was right, she would have owned up to it, immediately. I think more time with the life coach, studying lessons on each persons place and value on this earth.

  15. Trinity says:

    I don’t want to judge anyone, but from the outside looking in Imani appears to be one of the most insecure, self-loathing females that I have ever seen. She just had her mind made up from the moment she saw Draya that she did not like Draya, and would do anything in her power to make sure none of the other cast members take a liking to her. Very sad behavior for a female that calls herself a woman, wife or mother. Imani I pray that your children don’t pick up on your bad habits of judging, or hating on other people. You were fly in my eyes until Draya hit the scene; the sad part is she did not steal your shine; you dimmed your own light with your actions. I will be praying for you my sister, cause you need it.

  16. Talisha says:

    I think imani is a hater bitch just because u wouldn’t strip don’t mean a damn thing people do what they do because they are okay in their skin! U are a hater an Judgmental for no reason,Draya looks way better then ur old washed up ass,Are u mad? I’m sure she don’t want ur old dusty ass man,U called her worthless ur the one who’s worthless Draya is a bad bitch period! So what she stripped u said u wouldn’t dance for four quarters she got more than 4 quarters u dumb broad,Don’t be mad cuz everyone is calling u out, What does Draya have to prove to u? Not a damn thing u said how do u respect others when u don’t respect urself,Just cuz u strip don’t mean ur a whore get off it people gotta do what they gotta do how they gotta do it! Ur old ass damn right u wouldn’t do it look at u stop being bitter ur a hater mad cuz Draya is comfortable in her skin an ur not,Draya do u thing I love u on the Basketball wives,An gloria needs to stop acting like she’s tough u sure didn’t get buck on the other Basketball wives ur all talk u wouldn’t bust a grape an I find it funny u so called wives are always worried about these groupies an Draya if u were secure in ur position as a wife there shouldn’t be shit u gotta say about the next! U guys are just threaten by these women cuz they look 1000 percent better than u,Gloria ur weak stop acting cuz u wasn’t like that on the other show ur sister is coo she did smash old girl an imani is just mad an bitter bitch get a man stop hating on the next Tonya yuck u are super ugly the other wives I love them an Draya you are pretty keep being you. U don’t owe anyone anything fuck them judgmental hoes they just mad cuz they are washed up an nobody wants them old ass niggas Gloria nobody wants yo abusive ass nigga either.

  17. GAIL says:

    HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE!! Jackie: Very insecure (to marry every year) and phony; Laura: Needs a ‘facial’ makeover and Jenny Craig; Gloria: Misable and unhappy…want to be a bad-girl, but needs a beat-down; Imani: Jealous of Draya because a “stripper” took her man, and to call someone “worthless”, apparently herr ex thought that of her, to be engaged for 9yrs and NEVER married her…WOW; Draya, Malaysia and Tanya…THE REAL ONES!!

  18. Lillian says:

    If you believe in God only he can judge. They aren’t any better than dreya. Because no one is better than any one.

  19. Lillian says:

    If you believe in God only he can judge. They aren’t any better than dreya. Because no one is better than any one. Let’s be honest. Imani can’t even say her ex on television. I’ts funny she is probably readying thins like this now and justifying this like They don’t know me. But we know you on how you act and carry yourself. All of those girls had as they called their reservations. But in actuality they are the ones with problems not dreya. Atleast she can stand up for hers.

  20. cdm says:

    My son created this tribute to Draya. She’s young and beautiful and haters are haters

  21. Mrz Jonez says:

    GAIL! I concur!!!

  22. Candi Marie says:

    BBW LA is sooooooo booring Imani looks like a fat wanna be evelyn that cant get a man 2 give it to her if she payed ’em. Jackie stop yo bitching bout draya not coming ta yo damn wedding trust me hunh u r the only 1 give a fuck about u & yo toe head husband and yall stupid ass wedding trust. Gloria aww u tough now hunh girl stop it u a finger away from aneroxic girl aint nobody scared of yall frail ass or ur bitch made ass husband always up in girl shit nigga check yo panties,bitch, & yo man looking sista thats the girl they claim was sleeping wit shaq over shaunie shaq dog u need a refund plus some cause she look poped wit her fat ass new baby or no new baby yo nose is humongo u need to b fucking for a nose job seriously.did u see that animal mediatakeout said u look like dead on that big asss nose,gloria u should’ve hid that big ass bitch!i did like malaysia at 1st but every eposiode her dressing sense gets bootier & bootier & that big ass chin gets fater& fater please stop wearing red lipstick u a sista it aint 4 us all and yo foe head is really big do sumething to cover that thing!Draya not that big of a fan of urs but say wasup to all yo haters 4 me girl!p.s gloria sista is so worthless i forgot the bitch name!

  23. jess says:

    First off imani a dumb dusty ass. Bitch second gloria need to shutup she ain’t tough cause this the same bitch that got her ass beat by royce.third jackie if u gonna invite someone don’t have a discussion about it and bitch u been married to this nigga 16 times and 3 times before. Fourth malaysia whatever and draya do u cause u libin your life

  24. Candi Marie says:

    pps jackie yo weave is very dry insted of worring about draya not coming 2 yo wedding like u hitting on something & u aint or ur dry ass wedding black dress bitch is it a funeral or what u should’ve been worried about that hurting ass ponytail on yo wedding day bitch get over yo self god made nothing perfect & yo man poped 2 boo!

  25. Candi Marie says:

    ppps gloria yo shit dont stank hunh y yo ass aint married? BBW Miami Wins WASSup shaunie,evelyn,tammie,royce & jen what it do bitchess now those my hoes dont have no lve 4 bbw la boooooorrrrriiinnnggg asssssssessssss!

  26. Ms. Flatbush AVe says:

    @Gail. Well Said!…. Jackie, Gloria, Imani, and Laura, they are all a bunch of losers! They are all jealous of Draya. I thought these ladies would have a stylist. Jackie and Laura always look busted! Jackie need to retire off this show because she is very sickening for a grown ass woman.

  27. I agree says:

    good job, i dont need to post now! thanks

  28. cdm says:

    I am on Team Draya; Imani looks like hell. She’s intimidated by Draya
    but I got you on this one Draya.

  29. Jealous Hoes says:

    I love the way Draya shows no emotion like, dem bitches aint getting to me! Girl you r young, sexy, and doing the damn thang. Make that money! All them hoes mad cause you r where they at and it took them longer to get there. Them old bags look at you and see what they use to be. The martial arts was a total set up. Jackie is fake, let her go in the ring with Gonzo. Four kids, one born a month ago, over 30 and you been in two fights? Damn r u beating the kids too? Imani needs some dick. He ain’t wit u cause ur a bitch. Ain’t it like two or three real women missing that was on the original episode? Tonya was above the simple madness and not willing to lower herself for a few thousand dollas. lol I woulda hung in there. Groupies are not better than strippers!

  30. dorine johnson says:


  31. leona says:

    imani stupid ass bixtch hating cuz yu dusty and crusty dats y your husband left yu called draya worthless um no yo is the worthless one dats y yu left yur son to chase a baller then have two kids and abondon the other son cuz he is a drug deleares child shammmmmmmmme nd yu sit their judging shit yu have no room to tlk

  32. delredd says:

    i watch this show bcuz of draya malaysia is ok 2. the rest of these bitter mean ugly ass bitches don’t like them at all. all these whores done more wrong than draya did in hrer 26 yrs. they all have problems jackie u hate ur older daughter, gloria ur will always be a stupid ass bitch for matt he uses u 4 a punching bag. laura ur the uglist 1 no hope 4 u have all 4 kids really don’t no who the dad, fucking shaq while he was still 2 shaunie. imaini the hater of all the above when it comes 2 draya. imani u 2 r a bad mom so all of u bitches needs 2 let draya bend over and kiss her lil yella cute ass.on eposide 6 laura & jackie r still at the same shit with draya talkin’ shit behind her back. i think that jackie likes draya on the down low, look how she keep on talk about draya. look when draya was on the stripperpole jackie’s was eyeballing draya’s vagina/ass.

  33. BronzedAsian says:

    First of all if the allegations were 100% true Draya would not have her son, state of Pa would of removed him from her custody. Btw Gloria & Jackie go google some more, Draya’s bond wasnt shit $25,000 well on 10% is due so yeah do the math$2,500 isnt nothing. The damn bitches making more of Draya’s past than our damn town did or the newspaper. Laura damn girl we dont care if you down graded to a 2 bedroom apt with all your kids, shit she should of been paid they way she gets around. Gloria needs to stop talking shit on Draya, does it make her feel inferior since they couldnt stand her in Miami? She should have a benefit for domestic violence… Oh wait the charges got dropped lmao. Jackie needs to go sit somewhere & just become a wedding planner since she knows the industry so well. why is Imani on the show? Oh to find a man. If you ask me these bitches need a Dr. Phil intervention. Draya keep doing you girl. All of us back home <3 ya. Represent for us A-town chicks.

  34. Gator says:

    I’m probably to old to be commenting on this but, my daughter who is 22-years-old started me watching this. Anyway I must say I like Draya and her yes she has done some F-up shit in her day and will probably make more. I worked for Child Abuse & Neglect for more that 8-years and seen my share of F-up people. I believe the women thought if they focus on Draya and show all flaws we the audience would side with them. I have done some F-up shit in my life and I am still ashame on my behavior from long ago guilt never go away. That’s why I don’t judge. I will say this in closing, I thought I was beautiful, had it going on, talk about catch a fish with this hook, girls I thought I was the shit and I didn’t have my first child until I was 26-years-old and the next at 28. What I saying is as we get older we don’t lose it we just have to pass the torch on to the next group of young beautiful women and hope they learn to master the game better than I (we did) Listen young ladies out there, listen good we wish we could go back and do things over again but we can’t and for some we wish we could be in your position just to have the chance. I call it being jealous and we are jealous only in the aspect that we can’t roll the clock back. If could be some of these girls age and the wisdom that I have now. I WOULD BE THE BADDEST BITCH OUT AND THE ONLY THING THAT WOULD BETWEEN US AND THEM IS AIR.

  35. Jonie says:


  36. delredd says:

    this fat out of shape b*tch just doesn’t like draya at all, at least draya getting the best of both worlds. draya gettin’ some p*ssy; d*ck that’s y they hate her so. imani ur on the f*cking down low u really don’t like guys i watch u at jackie’s b. party all of u enjoyed the fmale stripper more than the male. so stop hiding the fact imani that u likes women secertly. but draya is 1 young i know that u doesn’t like at all so get the f*ck; keep her name out ur damm mouth. said behind draya’s back 2 jackie her mouth is dirty & filty how do u know. have u kiss her imani, do u wish 2 kiss draya; play with her sweet young red cunt; tits. huh? maybe u know draya’s not feeling the vibe about u remember draya likes women that’s y u wh*res r mad at her. wtf is it?huh

  37. Ragine Jones says:

    This show just has me sick to my stomach. 1st let me just say I LOVE DRAYA! Imani got some nerve. bitch you’re worthless to the show. YOU’RE NOT A BASKETBALL WIFE! &I wanna fight Laura lol. It pissed me off that they pumpin her head up because she snaked a girl 10x’s smaller then her. &Laura got her nerve. only reason you on the show is cause you fucked Shaq. CAN YOU SAY JUMPOFF lmfaoo. these bitches is insane. &somebody please tell me who the hell Jackie THINKS she is. she the man in that relationship. Her man cryin &shit lol. I like Malajah (however you spell it) too though. At least someone beat Lauras ass, &Laura ran right to her to apoligize. but she big &bad on lil Draya right? aw. Draya just keep doing your thing because this whole show is based on these KIDS hating on you. DRAYA SHOW!

  38. joanie says:

    Calm down you freaked-out weirdo. Both of those hoes are worthless. They give real women whose vaginas are not beaten and stretched-out, a bad name.

  39. atari1 says:

    No one is worthless; I would think the other more fortunate women would want to help a younger sister who obviously had been troubled and had lead a less that safe life for her son for a time. Her tears broke my heart and I had to post though I missed the episode when it aired.

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

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