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Basketball Wives LA Imani Showalter Suffers Backlash Over Draya Comment

The cast of Basketball Wives LA are already dividing fans down the middle. Much like it’s Miami predecessor, the Los Angeles cast is building it’s fan base. Before the season premiered Draya Michele managed to grab most of the attention. Is she a jump-off/groupie? Has she dated any ballers? Did she abandon her child? Was she a stripper?

In the second episode when the remaining cast met Draya many of the aforementioned questions were answered. Imani took issue with Draya’s stripping past and immediately wrote her off. Fast forward to the end of the Passion Party – which I too thought was a sex party but turns out to an uplifting party (Ha!) – and the ladies are asked to chose adjectives to describe their cast mates. Things move along just fine until Draya’s box – which was conveniently saved for last. Most of the ladies had pleasant things to say except for Imani. The adjective for Draya: Worthless.

It didn’t take long for Imani to receive some backlash from viewers. She took to twitter to further stand behind her choice

“Having an opinion and judging are 2 separate things. Even if its unpopular I have to stick to my beliefs. Sorry guys,” said Showalter. “I will take all the backlash but my words had nothing to do with her stripping or any man issues. It’s was a deeper issue. Will all unfold.”

“Not hating on that “career” choice… Somebody gotta do it!!! Just my opinion,” Showalter continued.

As the backlash increased Imani added,

“Should I take all this hostility as “judgement” since I’ve never met most of you…. or opinions?,” said Imani. “Either way, I accept it for what it is.”

The scene was a bit heartbreaking. I applaud Malaysia for showing some compassion. Watch the scene below. Was Imani out of line?

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