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Jennifer Lopez Goes On Emotional Rant In First Idol Fight

There’s already trouble in paradise. Just weeks after Jennifer Lopez announced she would re-join American Idol she encounters her first fight with fellow judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler.

While being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest’s on KIIS-FM this past Friday, Lopez confirmed the dispute by stating;

“Me and Randy and Steve got into our first fight. I got really, really upset.”

The argument began after a contestant entered which Lopez thought had an exceptional voice but Randy and Steven didn’t agree. They then asked for another song which consequently led to her dismissal.

Astonished by the decision, Lopez stated;

“I thought I was being Punk’d. I thought, ‘How can we let this girl go?’ I was upset. When I believe in something … I knew this girl deserves the chance.”

Lopez’s outburst however, may be somewhat indicative of another problem. Although Marc Anthony’s recent interview with ABC didn’t exactly paint Lopez in a negative light; it did continue to fan speculations regarding what exactly ended their marriage. Could it be that the pressure of bi-coastal travel for work and trying to squeeze in quality time with her children and Marc took it’s tool?

It will be sometime before Marc and Jlo can escape speculations around the dissolution of their marriage, in the meantime hopefully Jennifer can keep it all together until taping ends because American Idol is clearly running out of options for celebrity substitutes.

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