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Tika Sumpter Talks Relationship And Her Career

Tika Sumpter is perhaps best known for her role on ABC’s One Life To Live, Gossip Girls and The Game. While she’s still working to break into featured films, Tika did get a major thumbs up from movie-mogul Harvey Weinstein for her role in Gossip Girls. Tika tells NY Post about the encounter,

“I was at the ‘Scream 4’ premiere after-party, and I saw Harvey Weinstein come up to the bar so I stepped aside to let him through. He tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘I love your character on “Gossip Girl.” ’ My heart stopped, and I was like, ‘That’s freaking Harvey Weinstein.’ I freaked out, but obviously not in front of him.

“I felt like it was a sign,” she adds. “I’m on the right path if Harvey Weinstein is tapping me on the shoulder.”

In case Harvey never comes through with a film for Tika she did manager to snag a role as Anna Faris’ pal in What’s Your Number.

On the topic of love – whenever she finds time for it – Tika states,

“I like guys who know what they want and can take the lead. They get major points for taking initiative because I have to control so much in my own life, I don’t want to have to tell anyone what to do.”

No worries though, Tika doesn’t mind doing some cooking,

“I like being at home and cooking. I just made branzino stuffed with crab. I grill lamb chops and just enjoy cooking fish and vegetables. I have a great kitchen. I’m overlooking Manhattan while I cook. I’ll have a glass of wine. That’s a night for me.”

Sounds like Tika Sumpter is living the good life…

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