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Ron Artest Joins Dancing With The Stars As Kimsha Joins Basketball Wives LA

Ron Artest has officially joined the 13th season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars while his ex-wife Kimsha Artest joined Basketball Wives LA. As the NBA remains in a lock-out, Ron, soon to be named Metta World Peace will remain busy with learning the Samba.

When DWTS premieres on Monday September 19th, Artest will be in direct competition with Kimsha Artest. The premiere season of Basketball Wives LA was off to a rocky start Monday night as the ladies became more accustomed to each other. Kimsha blended with Laura Govan makes for the perfect Tami Roman. The show didn’t appear as polished as Basketball Wives Miami and promises to be filled with more than needed drama.

It’s highly unlikely Dancing with the Stars can provide that level of drama. Ron will be joined by reality TV stars Rob Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari. Actor David Arquette, News Anchor Nancy Grace, Cher’s daughter now son Chaz Bono and others. See the full list over at ABC.

Where will you tune in – Dancing with the Stars or Basketball Wives on Monday nights? Or neither?

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