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Jennifer Lopez Takes Hilarious Route For Kohl's Commercials

Jennifer Lopez officially has her groove back. After several failed attempts of breaking into the fashion scene, JLo is back with what may be her best work yet. Perhaps because it’s touted less as the new “it” fashion line by yet another celebrity but rather a line for the every day woman with a keen sense of style.

Jennifer partnered with Kohls to launch the line’s full range on September 7th. Ahead of the launch, Kohls released a couple commercials that hopes you will fall in love with a wholesome image of JLo and forget about her often rumored diva behavior. The commercials are cute and may just work.

In the first one, Jenn is unable to locate her I.D badge and fails in an attempt to convince the security guard of her identity – she evens sings Jenny from the Block!

In the second skit, JLo must have found her badge as she sits at her desk furiously clicking her pen – to the annoyance of her co-workers.

In the morning:

In the afternoon at the office:

Check out the lookbook of Jennifer’s entire collection which will include jeans, tops, faux fur, shoes, boots, handbags, linens, and various other items for the stylish and frugal consumer. Are you excited?

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