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Lady Gaga VMA 2011 Shtick A Rip-Off From Annie Lennox

Update-Lady Gaga‘s VMA 2011 performance is allegedly a rip-off from Annie Lennox. As Gaga introduced the audience to her male counterpart Jo/Joe Calderone, many were in shock and unclear how to interpret the character. After about four minutes of the bit, the audience appeared bewildered but with a desire for more. Gaga fulfilled her duties and opened the VMAs performing You and I which made her previous monologue well worth it for many. But Gaga remained in character – for the entire night! Calderone even joked about masturbating to Britney Spears’ picture before attempting to lock lips with Spears. That was an awkward moment to say the least.

Besides Lady Gaga’s repeated attempts to push the envelope she can’t manage to escape the accusations of being less than original.

When the 2011 VMAs were over Sunday night, Twitter was sent on fire with viewers accusing Gaga of stealing her bit from Annie Lennox. In 1984 Lennox performed Sweet Dreams at the Grammy’s in complete drag – albeit a more clean cut version of Calderone.

‘Is annie lennox suing gaga for ripping off her look from 2 decades ago?’ A viewer asked.

Another added, ‘Madonna, Bette Midler, Annie Lennox! Does Gaga have any ideas of her own or is she hoping everyone is too young to remember the originals?’

(Annie Lennox)

Kelly Osbourne took it one step further when she included the Youtube clip with her tweet below:

‘I love lady gaga but I wish she would start giving credit where credit is due!’

Calderone was clearly Gaga’s interpretation of something that has already been done – as most things are – perhaps the bigger issue as Osbourne stated is Lady Gaga not naming Lennox as an inspiration for her act.

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