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Leonardo DiCaprio Signs on the 1974 Remake 'The Gambler'

Leonardo DiCaprio Got the role in Martin Scorsese’s remake of The Gambler. This makes Dicaprio 3 films deep in the hole. Gambler is Paramount remake of the 1974 drama. In the old version the story was about a Literary professor that becomes a degenerate gambler. William Monahan is writing the new script. This comes as DiCaprio’s 5th film that he will be working with the Acclaimed director. He did Shutter Island, The Departed, The Aviator and Gangs of New York.  We broke it to you about DiCaprio doing Tarantino’s Django playing the villainous Slave Master. Jamie Foxx got the role of Dijango Unchained, he better bring his A game when he goes head to head with DiCaprio. Now that’s going to be some movie making there, I cant wait to see it.


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