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Tia Mowry Shares First Picture Of Baby Cree

Tia Mowry Hardrict shows off her newborn son, Cree Taylor Hardrict with husband Cory. Tia is featured in US Weekly with her less than 3 month old baby who weighed 8lbs at birth. She gushed about Cree,

“He’s smiling, laughing and trying to talk. .At night, [Cree] takes a bath with me, and we bond.”

Tia’s sister Tamera also finds time to bond with baby Cree,

“I’ll be breast feeding, and she will take him from me!” Tia says, laughing.

“She has ‘auntie and me’ time when she sits in the glider and puts him to sleep.”

Having a baby doesn’t mean that Tia can’t make time for her husband Cory. On last weeks episode of Tia & Tamera and attempt at a Babymoon failed but Tia shared with UrbanDaily how she keeps the spice in her relationship:

I think the main thing is not to neglect your husband. A lot of men feel neglected throughout this time. I would suggest you involve him in the whole process. Another thing is to not be afraid to put on a sexy dress and go out on a dinner date just you and your man spending time with each other. Don’t let your children sleeping in your bed become a habit. If the child is in the bed, they are in the middle and the parents don’t get a chance to hug and be intimate.

Sounds like Tia is working on having another baby! The next episode of Tia and Tamera airs next Monday August 29th.

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