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Sarah Jessica Parker Holds Off Prequel To Produce Sex & The City Series

Get your martini glasses ready ladies because it appears there will soon be more Sex and The City episodes and/or prequel to wet your pallet.

Sarah Jessica Parker announced earlier last week that she had agreed to produce new episodes of Sex and the City prior to rumors that a third SATC movie was waiting in the wings.

Parker was somewhat hesitant to sign on for the third movie given the overwhelmingly poor reviews received for the second.   Although the confusion appears to be when the movie should air as opposed to if; Parker stated to Parade magazine she was still sure she knew what direction she envisioned the film going.

“I know what the story is.   It’s a small story, but I think it should be told.   The question is what’s the right time to tell it?”

Other popular co-stars however, have a different take regarding the direction of the prequel. Chris Noth (commonly known as Mr. Big, or more recently known as John James Preston) flatly called the franchise “dead”.   Noth reportedly told The New Yorker regarding the future of the series;

“It’s over.   The franchise is dead. The press killed it.   Your magazine f**king killed it.   New York Magazine.   It’s like all the critics got together and said, ‘This franchise must die.'”

While the timing of the film remains up in the air, a group of young starlets have been named to play the younger versions of the original SATC cast. According to the Daily Mail the actresses under current consideration are Elizabeth Olsen as Carrie, Blake Lively as Samantha, Selena Gomez as Charlotte and Emma Roberts as Miranda.

Sarah Jessica Parker is facing something of a “chicken & the egg” conundrum given that it’s presently difficult for her to determine which should come first…the movie…or the television series…and whether the young starlets will portray the ladies in the prequel or the series.

What do you think? Should Sarah Jessica Parker pack up Sex and The City and leave well enough alone – or keep the ball rolling in hopes of capturing a new audience?

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