Halle Berry Upstages Julia Roberts' Bikini Body

Let’s first start by saying that Oscar winner Julia Roberts, at 43 years old with three children, looks great in a bikini! But over the weekend in California another Oscar winner Halle Berry, mother of one at 45 years old, flaunted her even more envious curves and toned figure.

While Roberts was spotted in Hawaii with her husband Danny Moder and their children Halle was in California with her daughter and friends.

If you’re one of many people who searched for Halle’s bikini pictures that she instantly became a trending topic: Her trainer was all ears!

Halle’s trainer Nat Bardonnet tells US Magazine how Halle maintains her shape, stating that she has a strict, and highly regimented diet and exercise routine.

“We try to get rid of what she doesn’t like while keeping her womanly shape; erasing thighs, keeping butt high, lengthening the hamstrings, and working the abs.”

But like a magician that never shows his tricks, Bardonnet held back in regards to the exact recipe Berry follows;

“It’s my secret.   I’m good about finding what’s different for people, and that’s what I like with Halle.”

Don’t fret, Nat still relieved some tips,

“Up your cardio sessions and eat five times a day while avoiding sugar, flour, lactose, cheese, dough, rice, and pasta.   If you want to loose weight and look camera ready like Halle, you can have carbs two times a week.”

It’s obvious that Julia Roberts is less concerned about landing the next 007 and more about enjoying family life – as she should. But we must ask – which Oscar winning star wears their 40’s better: Halle Berry or Julia Roberts?

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