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Brad Pitt Signs On Play Supreme Assassin In ‘The Grey Man’

Brad Pitt  takes the role and stars in The Grey Man. Pitt will play the world’s greatest assassin in a covert world, accomplishing the impossible and then disappearing into thin air.  It took some time for studio reps to get Pitt casted in this film.  He and wife Angelina Jolie have a marriage agreement that states they both can’t be working at the same time. At the time that studio reps were looking to attach Pitt, Jolie had already been casted in a different movie. However, Jolie’s movie needs a director and not having a director production was pushed back, allowing the opportunity for Pitt to sign on to Mark Greaney’s novel adaptation ‘The Grey Man’.  Script for ‘The Grey Man’ was written by Adam Cozad.

Storyline: A former CIA operative is targeted by a global corporation who, in their eyes, has outlived his usefulness.  The operative sets out to prove that for him there’s no gray area between killing for a living-and killing to stay alive. He turns supreme assassin and fights his way across international boarders to save the life of his handler and the handler’s family.

Pitt is also currently shooting World War Z.  ‘The Grey Man’ will begin production in January.



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