Nicki Minaj Heats Up Drake In Toronto With Racy Lap Dance

Nicki Minaj proved that there is never a dull moment when one has the pleasure of enjoying one of her performances.   From her recent nip-slip during a GMA concert to her infamous lap dances; Nicki often leaves audiences gasping in disbelief as she continues to push the artistry envelope.

It appears Nicki’s latest victim, or shall we say eager participant, was none other than fellow Young Money alum, Drake.   While performing in Windsor Canada Drake relayed the following message to his adoring crowd;

“Maybe I should call up Nicki Minaj and tell her how much I love her and how proud of her I am because I feel that ever since we got famous we don’t really talk anymore and all I   wanna do is her voice again for once in my life.”

Awe…Well Nicki must have heard his message loud and clear, because last night while performing in Drakes home town of Toronto, she answered his call in classic Minaj fashion…a lap dance. And not just any lap dance, but a lap dance to end all lap dances where she straddled and bounced across Drake as though she were mounting a miniature pony.

It’s so nice to see old friends reconnect…I wonder if Drake will attempt to reach out to Rihanna in a similar fashion??

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