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Lisa Raye Responds To 'Single Ladies' Stacey Dash Fired Rumor

Rumors are continuing to circulate regarding Stacey Dash‘s firing from VH1’s Single Ladies.   Although In Touch Weekly posted statements confirming the network was currently seeking Stacey’s replacement, neither Ms. Dash nor any other cast mates have yet to comment about the matter…well that is everyone except for Lisa Raye – in a very indirect manner.

Yesterday we recapped that Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash were involved in a very heated argument earlier in the show’s taping.   That squabble allegedly ended with Stacey storming off the set yelling;

“Nο, I ain’t coming back unless that bitch gets her ass kicked!”

According to media sources, Lisa Raye was getting fed up with shouldering the blame for her cast mates possible firing and decided to address her critics via face book;

“As everyone know I am in Italy vacationing. I was just made aware of the lies that are being spread by Mediatakeout and other blogs that like to create false stories. I was not even aware that Stacy Dash had been fired from Single Ladies. Furthermore if she has been fired that is a network decision. I don’t have the power to get her fired nor do I have any beef with her. Now im going to go continue enjoying my vacation!”

Lisa continued to vent her frustrations through another familiar, celebrity medium…Twitter.

“Regarding the rumors swirling around “Single Ladies” all I know is that we’ll be back with Season 2 and I have no knowledge of anything else.”

Although Stacey Dash’s firing remains simply a rumor, VH1 is certainly not helping by posting cryptic messages such as this one;

“At this time, no casting decisions have been made for the second season of Single Ladies.”

Is Stacey Dash returning for the second season of Single Ladies? If not, who would take her place to marry Jerry or Quinn?   It appears we all will simply have to wait and see. Will you watch Single Ladies without Stacey Dash/Val?

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0 thoughts on “Lisa Raye Responds To 'Single Ladies' Stacey Dash Fired Rumor

  1. mrs cockrell says:

    No I will not watch Single Ladies without Ms. Dash. She makes the show. And I have talked to others and they won’t be watching either. Bring her back or I guess you may as well cancel.

  2. Vil4real says:

    No! Absolutely not! I will not watch the show without Stacey Dash as Val. Why is it when we finally get a great show to watch that we can relate to, things get messed up with attitudes? If Stacey leaves, this show will take the same direction that Girlfriends did when Jill Marie left. I have many friends that watch just to see what Stacey is wearing, so you can count them out. Even though Lisa Raye is a fair actress, I don’t think the show stands a chance w/out Stacey. As a matter of fact, I doubt very seriously if I would watch. I will only hope that if she isn’t coming back that she finds another network to create a similar show with her starring in it, b/c I would definitely watch it. Hey Stacey, talk to Kathy Hughes at TV One, I’d bet she would love to have a show with the same premise that would bring great popularity to her network and I would love to see a show like this on TV One. By the way Kathy Hughes is my shero and mentor.

  3. jasmaine jackson says:

    I don’t care who started what. I Hope Ms. LisaRaye and Ms. Dash and everyone of color is reading this. It’s sad that our ancestor did all this damn slavery and tried to do the best for us African American and all we do is fight each other and act mean toward each other for nothing. We can’t get ALONE or Talk with sense toward one another. What was the point of helping our color people out of slavery when 90% of black can’t act rite toward each others. I’m sick of it. Your beautiful business women and u both need to settle your different because a lot of young black women look up to u both and thats unfair for rumor to go out like this. African American can’t we all just fucking grow up for once and get ALONE!!!!

  4. 4Val says:


  5. Mz. Angel says:

    Hell NO….. I will not watch the show without Val. The first show in a along time that I look forward to watching every week is already in the process of changing. I like Lisa Ray and Stacy. However, if these Professional, African American, Money making women cannot get along THEN THE HELL WITH THE SHOW…… SHIT LIKE THIS PISSES ME OFF. Another Martin and Gina all over again. lol…..

  6. michelle says:

    Yes i would watch the show without stacy dash…I think all three ladies are doing a great job in there show…But lisa raye is my girl…For what ever the reason is for there action that’s between them and the person who is running the show, It doesn’t mean that the show will stop because stacy isn’t going to be on there…And the facted that some will not watch becaue she might not come back that’s on them It’s billions of people who will be watching….So lisa if you check this out i gottcha!

  7. alg1052 says:


  8. Renee Richardson says:

    I would definitely hate to see Stacy Dash go but I would still watch the show if she did. However, I would not watch it if LisaRaye left.

  9. Mrs Jones says:

    No i will not watch the show without Val. All three of the cast members fit that show really well and it would not be the same if they take Stacey Dash out of the show. Then who would really be able to play Val it just wont be the same without her…. Really!

  10. Chelley says:

    Yes, I would continue to support the show. I think women need tv role models like Val. I like Lisa Raye too, but her role is very “common”.

  11. jd rythme says:


    We love Stacey Dash; we will definitely stop watching the show. She is a very talented and beautiful young female, with lots of class.

    God will bless Stacey with another job and position that is more prosperous. God takes care of his children just that way. Do not fight fire with fire, let go and let God. Stacey, you are in our prayers.

    We will wait patiently as our God work wonders in providing you with another job and a better offer.

    Keep being you. Never let anyone steal your joy.

  12. sha says:

    No, because we don’t think anyone can take Stacey place, and please don’t try to replace her with Chile, Lisa is my girl, but Stacey is the show stopper. We missed her on the Game. Now single ladies, this is a deal breaker. Keep her on the show.

  13. Elisa James says:

    The show can exist WITHOUT Stacey. Love to see Nia Long take her place. Never could get over Stacey’s irritating voice. I keep thinking “Clueless” the movie all over again when she speaks.

  14. sue says:

    I wont watch the show anymore, i love lisa-raye, bit i dont think anyone cant ake stacy aka val place the show is going to be wak………. she play innocent , she is a eye candy, come on vh1 dont loose your viewer. that my favorite show i watch it twice in one night on monday’s. big up stacy dash

  15. kieron says:

    what beef!!….these ladies don’t have beef!….they have contracts that should be honored!….I will not watch Single Ladies should they not has this one out!….that includes you miss Queen… the mediator, listen to your fans, honor the contracts, and I sure hope that work/life balance programs has been integrated in your business…..if so, then both of the beautiful black ladies can enter the EAP (Employee Assistance Plan) offered by
    most business companies. Then these ladies can work their differences out seperately and then hopefully together in a few free therapy sessions!!……now that’s sounds like a plan that everyone can play a part in!!!…..How ’bout it…..I need to see my ladies do their thing this season…..Girl, let’s get it straight!

  16. Felicia says:

    Why can’t we have a black show without any kind of controversy? Martin, Girlfriends, and now Single Ladies. This BS would not happen on Sex In the City. How hard is it to just be professional and make the damn paycheck? We’ve invested in the characters Val, Keisha and April. While all 3 women have great story lines, Val was the central character, everything centered around her. Now they have to completely dismantle the character and start us with an entirely new one because replacing the character with a new actress will NOT work. Look at 2.5 Men! They need to completely write her off like she married Quinn and ran off to Europe to play ball. Colin Salmon (Jerry) is now out of a job and that leaves who will take over Val’s Boutique?

    Someone has to or you won’t need Omar or Cristina. It’s a damn shame this had to happen. My people – My people. We need to do better!

  17. pAM NEWMAN says:

    Everyone who thinks the show will stop without Stacy Dash is smoking crack!! LisaRaye has been and will always be the star of the show! Nia Long would be a great replacement as would gabrielle union or sanaa lathan, both of whom are much better actresses. Stacy Dash’s acting abilities SUCK!!! She is gorgeous though and should stick to modeling and music videos where she doesnt have to speak! SORRY but it’s True!!!

  18. Dominican beauty says:

    I love this show so much after a long day at work n school n all I want to turn my tv n watch single ladies I feel how u started the show with the same ppl n end with same ppl no could replace any of the ladies on show I love stacey dash n lisa raye they need to grow up cuz it bigger den them they have fAns their letting down but ms qween keep doing the good work much love & support

  19. Krissy says:

    I really like all three characters, but Stacey Dash and Lisa Raye are my girls, and I kinda got attached to there characters. So it would be very disappointing to see Stacy leave the show, after all I love fashion and she wins best dress on the show hands down!! Although I must say Meagan Good would rock the H**$… out of the val’s character!!! As far as continuing to watch the show without Stacy, I mean why not?? Sure I would, I guess it just depends on who replaces her and the chemistry between the ladies. This really sucks though!! Stacey you should really reconcider if it’s not to late!!

  20. Krissy says:

    I really like all three characters on the show, but Stacey Dash and Lisa Raye are my girls and I kinda got attached to there roles as Val and Kiesha, It’s to bad if the threesome has to come to a end, but I LOVE fashion and I must say Stacey Dash (Val) was the best dress on the show!! But if they replace her with somebody like Meagan Good I would still watch because why not?? I don’t know any of them personally and besides Meagan could Rock the character Val all day long!! $!**…I play her part too!!!! Halla at me Queen!!

  21. Briget says:

    I love all of the ladies on the show but I would prefer to watch the show with Stacy Dash. She brougt a lot of class to the show. I personally could not relate to any of the characters other than Dash.

  22. Briget says:

    I agree 100%. My goodness, the show is still fairly new.

  23. kate stalloey says:

    Stacey Dash has a bad attitude. People like that dont reach far in life. Hence, why she’s why we tv watchers dont see her on the big screen very often.

  24. kate stalloey says:

    shit like this did happen on sex and city. But, then again, the media will paint black tv black. I will continue to watch.

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