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Single Ladies Finale Recap: Is Stacey Dash Fired?

Last night’s Single Ladies season finale certainly didn’t disappoint as it unleashed a series of surprises and cliff hangers.

Keisha (played by Lisa Raye), was surprised by FBI agents at the home of her jeweler boyfriend Malcolm Franks.   Keisha was then caught in a tight spot as she has to decide whether to stay loyal to a man that has obviously not been completely honest; or help agents locate her boyfriend.

April not only finally left her horrific boss, but she amicably squared things away with her ex husband Darryl by asking for a truce. Reed, who April previously assumed abandoned her, stunned her with an A&R offer with his new label! Although April was somewhat hesitant to accept Reeds employment offer; she did hint at the possibility of a relationship looming in the future.

Val’s character (played by Stacey Dash) threw us all for a loop as she surrendered her desires for the perfect marriage and family only to have her ex-boyfriend Jerry renege entirely claiming that he couldn’t accept such a sacrifice. Later Val, after unwisely consuming large amounts of alcohol, found herself waking up with ex boyfriend Quinn who shocked us all with a sudden proposal; and with an almost predictable cliff hanger, Jerry showed up to do the same.

Although many of these show shockers were unexpected; they’re nothing compared to the real life drama swirling around Stacey Dash. According to In Touch Weekly, Stacey was recently fired from the VH1 series and they’re frantically searching a suitable replacement!

If true, this will come as something of a shock to the drones of fans who tune in simply to view Stacey’s charming demeanor and impeccable wardrobe. According to Jawn Murray, an entertainment writer, Stacey’s clashes with co-star Lisa Raye and other cast members was the primary reason for her dismissal.

Although Murray released tweets that Inside Weekly is currently “recasting” for Stacey’s part; it seems strange that Stacey tweeted earlier Monday;

“Tomorrow 9pm VH1 last episode of #SingleLadies you won’t be disappointed! Well maybe just because you’ll want more.   It’s good don’t miss it.”

Now either Stacey takes rejection really well, or these rumors are simply rumors, or   worse, it’s all part of a larger plot to fan public interest.

What did you think of the Single Ladies finale?

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6 thoughts on “Single Ladies Finale Recap: Is Stacey Dash Fired?

  1. Marilyn R says:

    The finale was perfect! I can’t wait until the next season. Thank you for writing a script that is so true to light. Many of us have experienced the same challenges in our life. It is with those downfalls we gain a tremendous amount of strength, courage and faith. These charaters are troopers and will survive and exceed the expecations in the end. By the way, Val try your best to make amends to Jerry.

  2. Mel says:

    If Stacy is gone, I am so not watching this show anymore. The Chemistry of Friendship that these 3 ladies had on screen is not replaceable by another actress.

  3. Neil says:

    The ending was trashy and predictable. But you are right, most people are watching this poorly written show because of the Stacy’s playing of her character. Without Stacy the show will Bomb.

  4. Peter says:

    Why do you have to be such a hater? Why watch the show?

  5. Angela says:

    The ending was awesome! I will not watch if Stacey Dash is not on the show… If this rumor is true VH1 needs to fix it!

  6. TLove says:

    I have to say that the acting on this show is horrible but for some reason I watched it anyway. Stacey Dash is the best of the worst on this show. If anyone needs to go its April. She adds nothing to this show and I find myself fast forwarding through the scenes with her in them. If they want to keep viewers I think some changes definitely need to be made.

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