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Basketball Wives: Tami Roman Blames The Audience For Drama

Basketball Wives season three finale is now a thing of the past and much like season two, it ended with drama. Tami Roman handed the torch to Jennifer Williams as the drink splash that sent shock waves across twitterverse revealed that Jennifer threw the first blow or is it splash…?.

Tami, who is currently being sued by cast mate Meeka Claxton for assault says the audience wants to see drama and VH1 must oblige.

Tami spoke with Michael L Moore of the Examiner:

“If you have six, seven people who all get along, nobody finds that interesting.

Proof positive is Shaunie tried to express to VH1 that ‘my initial idea will work.   People want to see us do positive things.   People want to see us getting along.’   And she came out with ‘Football Wives.’   ‘Football Wives’ has since been canceled because people don’t want to see that.


Tami highlighted a few positive things the cast did over the four months of taping but she added,

“They’ll shoot it. If this is your storyline, we’ll tape it.   But when it goes to editing, people only want to see the dramatic stuff.   Literally, the argument that you see may only happen over a weekend.   We tape for four months.   But they’ll take the biggest arguments we have, and those become the focal points of the storyline.   That is not our fault.   We would absolutely love to see more positive imagery, but the audience doesn’t want to see that. 


VH1 is well aware of this as the very small clip shown of Basketball Wives LA   shows is an argument that escalates into a fight – setting the premise for a drama filled premiere season!

Is Tami correct – will Basketball Wives loose it’s audience if they aired more positive stories about the cast?

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