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Single Ladies: Did Val Dump Jerry In A Haste?

Single Ladies Recap: On last weeks episode of Single Ladies, Val (played by Stacey Dash), had a serious conversation with her boyfriend Jerry about their future plans.   While enjoying an intimate dinner, Jerry takes a moment to pause and express to Val his true feelings about her.

Val(Stacey) was visibly excited as the moment seemed to gear up towards something resembling a proposal.   But alas, none was to be had, as Jerry shocked us all by admitting that since he had already married and divorced three times, he was no longer interested in making such life altering commitments in the future.

Jerry did happen to profess his love for Val, and promised ever lasting commitment…just not one legally recognized in any state.   Oh, and did I mention he wasn’t interested in any more children? Yea, that’s a big one, especially considering Val’s entire character has been obsessing about marriage and children since the beginning of the show; and given that she left her previous five year relationship because he failed to commit to marriage, I was certainly not surprised that she decided to quickly exit this one. Watch the clip below:

Now some are saying that Val may have acted in haste, and should have given her prince charming, who seemed fairly perfect in every other department, a chance even though staying with him would end her quest for the relationship holy grail, marriage.

On the one hand statistics have shown for years now that 50% of marriages fail and couples have an unrealistic idea of what married life is like. Jerry has been through this three times and failed – the third time was not the charm. Val is however, hell bent on getting married. If Val did decide to stay with Jerry and accept his commitment that he will be there forever – would one arrangement secure happiness over another? If Val’s primary objective was to be happy then marriage wouldn’t be a deal breaker. However, Val did also mention she wanted children and Jerry did not – that is the only place where their objectives contradict. And good for Valerie that she didn’t try to stay hoping to change his mind.

If Jerry is looking to find love and settle down with a companion, perhaps he should consider someone who’s more mature and shares his perspective.

So what do you think? Did Val make a hasty exit, or should she have wrapped his meal to go from jump?

Single Ladies finale airs tonight on VH1 at 9pm with Chili hoping to make a play for a newly single Jerry – maybe she’s looking for happiness first. Will you be watching?

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