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Obama Birthday Celebration Comes At A High Price

President Barack Obama turned 50 today amidst a firestorm of policy and politics.   During an interview with NPR , Obama told the station what he really wanted for his birthday was a debt ceiling deal.   Ironically, by his own admission, although his gift arrived in just the nick of time, it was not exactly as dazzling as he may have originally imagined.

As the president placed his signature on a deal that would increase our debt ceiling for at least the next two years; he began to understand that what may work well in theory often fails in application.

In theory the president assumed that representatives in the senate and the congress would put aside bi-partisan bickering in an effort to ensure that the U.S government would maintain its AAA credit rating, amongst other important issues.

Unfortunately, this was clearly easier said than done as the members in both houses proved that compromise is a dish often served cold.

But hey, a guy only turns 50 once so the celebration proceeded as planned.

The president’s birthday was not without the usual celebrity appearances as the evening at a fundraiser was highlighted with performances by Jennifer Hudson, jazz musician Herbie Hancock and the rock band OK Go.

(Jennifer Hudson on hand to sing Happy Birthday)

President Obama paid a hefty price for his birthday which leaves him a litter grayer and perhaps a litter more weary of the bi-partisan fodder digested in large sums by the primary, political parties in the capital.

Despite it all, Obama remained the constant father, mentioning during the birthday fundraiser that one of the most important presents awaiting him in Washington was his daughter Malia’s return from summer camp to join in the festivities.

Happy Birthday to President Obama!

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