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Basketball Wives: Eric Williams Blames Jennifer's Demons For Attack

The Basketball Wives upcoming season finale just got crazier! After Monday night’s light on drama episode, the season finale airing next week promises to be filled with nothing but drama! We have Eric Williams to thank for that, you know, Jennifer Williams “soon-to-be-ex-husband.” In a small clip, Eric is shown throwing a drink into Jennifer’s face as he leaves the table. Why oh why was the question on twitter – though not as politely of course. Eric was kind enough to answer;

“Shiddd!! Jesus had 2 cast out 7 Demons from that One Hoe Mary!! She turned out fine, So why u Hoes Mad at Me… LMAO!!”

“Ahh. I [see] things [are] back to normal on my page. Hoes Hating cause I through HOE-LY Water on a Woman who had a Demon in her. I tried 2 Cast it out!”

As if the hate coming from the onslaught of twitter angry fans wasn’t enough, Eric was sure to confirm that not a bit of it concerns him.

“I will rather b Hated n dis World cause dis World have No honor, Love or Loyalty! They Love2Hate! Shame LOL”

Jennifer Williams and Eric Williams
(Jennifer and Eric Williams in better times)

If Eric throwing the drink in Jennifer’s face was the only dramatic moment on the Season finale, VH1 would have wholly accomplished it’s goal of landing more viewers! With that said – will you be watching Basketball Wives season finale on Monday 8/8/11?

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0 thoughts on “Basketball Wives: Eric Williams Blames Jennifer's Demons For Attack

  1. Slewis says:

    Hey Eric, If I were you I would not invest too much money in that movie venture of yours. You claim it’s about “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT”????? You calling women “HOES” & throwing drinks at women?????? You are a bitter man who does not respect women. YOU ARE A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!! LADIES BOYCOTT THIS PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mooky says:

    lol ha : i hope this gets 2 eric : i wasn’t a fan of bw until about 2 months ago and i think it’s been good : i didn’t see how jen and eric split but get over it : you women live in the spotlight so know how 2 do it . she cramps his style wit this show and the ppl they know collectively : get new friends jen : sorry :

  3. Rina says:

    Well, Jennifer did throw her drink across his back first…what goes around comes around….

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