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Basketball Wives: Eric Splashes Jennifer Williams In Season Finale

The third season of Basketball Wives is nearly over with the season finale airing next Monday. As episode nine opened, Tami Roman gave her very twisted version of the battle that took place in Italy with Meeka Claxton to Royce over lunch. Royce in all her naivety believed that Tami actually had   a need to defend herself against Meeka. The episode crept on slowly but got a little interesting when Eric Williams offered Royce Reed a role in his upcoming movie. At the end of their lunch meeting, Royce mentioned she would speak with her non-friend Jennifer “out of respect”. Shortly thereafter,   diarrhea mouth Suzie met up with Jennifer Williams and beats Royce to the punch to discuss the latter’s meeting with Jennifer’s “soon-to-be ex-husband” Eric Williams.

After much petty back and forth with Suzie, Jennifer decided she would ask Tami for advice on dealing with Royce. Tami suggests a meet up, Jennifer agrees. Suzie arrives first for the lunch date, somehow, Royce happens to be 15 minutes late and Jennifer shows up only to inform Suzie she doesn’t want to see Royce, talk to her, or give a f**k about her – and promptly leaves.

Fast forward to next week’s episode – Eric tells Jennifer to be careful and promptly splashes a drink in her face as he walks away!! Could Jennifer’s divorce party where she hopes to get drunk and “see what happens”, her attempting to meddle in Eric’s business dealings, their dragged out divorce or Eric’s insanity be the reason?!?!

We can deal with Eric splashing Jennifer after the finale airs next week, in the meantime, do you think Royce violated the “Girlfriend 101” code by not speaking to Jennifer Williams first about meeting with Eric?

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