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See Pictures Of Lauryn Hill's Sixth Child

Update- Lauryn Hill has released the first pictures of her sixth child born Saturday July 23rd! After a brief scare with the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby boy’s neck, Lauryn and her newborn are A-OK!

The Grammy award winning artist caused a bit of a stir when she gave birth to her sixth child and her long-time boyfriend and father of her five children Rohan Marley appeared to no longer be in the picture. Causing some to believe that Rohan had abandon Lauryn while pregnant as he frolicked around with a young Brazilian model, Isabeli Fontana.

Lauryn attempted to put the rumors to rest when she released a statement on Twitter solidifying her and Rohan’s commitment to their five children – not six – and the media has it all wrong about their on and off relationship. We’re guessing it’s off at this moment.

Lauryn has not released the named of her son but she did release a couple pictures to Blackcelebkids (see below). And yes, we’re still curious about who’s the father of Lauryn Hill’s baby boy – we’ll be on the look out for updates!!

(Eldest daughter Selah with their newest edition)

(Youngest daughter Sarah has a moment with her brother)

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