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Kelly Rowland 'Here I Am' Gets Mixed Reviews

Kelly Rowland drops her third solo album, “Here I Am” today to a slew of mixed reviews. Longing to find a place for herself after disbanding Destiny’s Child, Kelly has struggled to break out of Beyonce’s huge shadow. Here third effort however appears to make the strongest statement that Kelly can stand on her own perhaps even proclaiming this fact with her album titled, “Here I Am”. So what’s the verdict?

LA Times says Kelly “does herself no favors by choosing consistently bland material, and her third album does nothing to dispel the sense that Rowland should be more selective.”

Reuters on the other hand implies that Kelly may have found her place; “formerly demure, sweet-faced Rowland seems to have finally discovered her true post-Destiny’s Child destiny: borderline-ludicrous insatiability.”

The Associated Press adds; “Most of the 10 tracks struggle to meet the mediocre mark and simply do not measure up to the expectations brought by her infectious “Motivation.”

Kelly Rowland speaks for herself when she tells Billboard magazine,
“As an artist I’ve allowed myself to try different things in the studio,” Rowland said. “Where I would have been a little scared, I allowed myself to just be. I wasn’t afraid. That was one of the best parts of this album is the fact that there was nothing holding me back. The only thing that could have been holding me back would be myself.”

“Here I Am” hits stores today. Check out Kelly’s second single “Feeling Me Right Now” (audio only). Are you buying Kelly Rowland’s album?

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