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Kelly Rowland Dishes Kindness To Jeff Bhasker's Harsh Criticism

Kelly Rowland keeps it PC in her response to one of Beyonce’s producer, Jeff Bhasker’s harsh criticism of her hit single “Motivation”. Earlier this week Jeff took to twitter to bash Kelly’s single calling it “weak” and crediting Lil Wayne’s feature for it’s success. Of course news travels fast, especially since Kelly’s album “Here I Am” drops on Tuesday July 26th. Kelly dropped by BET to discuss the success of her single, her response to Jeff and that steamy BET performance!

On Jeff Bhasker:
“You know what, the record speaks for itself. Opinions are like **sholes, everybody’s got one. He’s made wonderful music with my sister and other artists. There’s no reason for me to say anything negative. Cause I won’t tell you the thought that is really in my head. I’ll just kill ‘em with kindness.”

On riding the success of Motivation:
“Number one feels like number one.   It feels wonderful. Especially for it to be on the charts so long. I think ‘Motivation’ opened up a different chapter for me. It really did.[…][The album] is along the same lines when it comes to an urban sound. When I listen to everything back to back, when I was sequencing it, that’s when it felt really good in my spirit.”

On her steamy BET performance:
“I was dreaming about performing on the BET Awards stage. I would dream and pray about it. When you ask God for it , he’ll deliver. Then he wants to throw Trey Songz in it. Trey and I had really great chemistry. We rehearsed. We were prepared and excited.[…]I wasn’t expecting that kiss, trust me. I didn’t even know he did that until after. When you’re on stage and you’re moving…it was really weird.”

Despite the criticism, Kelly is moving full speed ahead. Deadline reported that Kelly is set to star alongside Pierce Brosnan in Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones”. A mini-series to air on A&E – not to mention her judging duties at UK X Factor.

Kelly Rowland “Here I Am” lands in stores July 26th.

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