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Rihanna Incites Critics With Raunchy Performance On Loud Tour

Rihanna is well known for consistently pushing the envelope when it comes to her on stage performances. From titillating dance moves, to barley there attire; her reputation as one of pop music’s bad girls is fairly cemented.

However, recent antics during her Atlantic City performance, has yet again landed the 23 year old artist in the hot seat.

While on stage Rihanna not only drank from a Corona bottle, but she also indulged in another presumably alcoholic beverage from a small shot glass.

Rihanna appeared to be intoxicated when she flipped the crowd her middle finger and began swearing and making other obscene gestures.

Even Rihanna’s signature girl on girl lap dance appeared more suggestive and salacious than those of past performances.

Many of her critics believe that Rihanna is increasingly moving from the realm of risqué to vulgar.   In response to growing sentiments that her performances are not helping to depict the artist as a positive role model, Rihanna tweeted;

“I’m a 23 year old rockstar with NO KIDS! What’s up with everybody wanting me to be a parent? I’m just a girl, I can only be your/our voice!”

Rihanna career is racing full speed ahead with a heavily popular tour and a slew of high profile endorsements; let’s just hope for her sake she doesn’t crash along the way.

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