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Shaunie O'Neal Calls Basketball Wives: LA Trashy

Shaunie O’Neal isn’t shying away from voicing her disdain for the upcoming spin-off of her original Basketball Wives. Shaunie completed an interview with Ebony Jet where she further clarified how black women are portrayed and also revealing her lack of control in the final product. But the sting came when Shaunie revealed her thoughts on the cast of Basketball Wives: LA. Read below:

On the portrayal of black women:
“I get a lot of flack,” says O’Neal. “People say to me: ‘You’re saying the betrayal of Black women is bad on TV, but your show is one of the number one reasons why it is.’ Guess what? I agree! But you look at those credits — it’s more than me executive producing it. I brought this vision to a table full of people, a table full of executives, and since then it has taken on its own new thing.”

On the difference in her vision and reality:
“Honestly, they’ve distorted it a little bit. I really came in with the concept of having a group of women that come together and are associated by the game of basketball, whether it be their husbands, fiancés — there’s some long-term relationship with a man in basketball and the game of basketball — and that’s how we formed this sisterhood and friendship,” she says. “The L.A. cast — there are some wives and fiancés, which I’m fine with. But there’s a little bit of trash kind of sprinkled into that cast that I’m totally against. I was really very hands off with that cast.”

(Basketball Wives: Miami)

On the cast of Basketball Wives: LA
“Yeah, you know they have Jackie Christie, I love her — they have a long lasting marriage and it works. There’s also Malaysia Pargo, you’ve got Imani who was the former fiancée of Stephen Jackson — they went to the altar, you get that connection. These ladies have been around forever in the game of basketball. But then you’ve got people that just might’ve slept with somebody. I’m not OK with that,” O’Neal says. “It’s just drama and … that’s not my vision. I don’t think that all money is good money. I don’t need it that bad. So we are having some issues. I’ve kind of just had to take a backseat and shut up and just let it go, let it ride. It’s David and Goliath right now.”

It’s no secret that Shaunie and Laura Govan are not besties as Laura was accused of having an affair with Shaquille O’Neal. Laura’s sister Gloria has also joined the LA cast. Whether or not the sisters are the “trash” Shaunie is referring to – we’re more concern with the idea that Shaunie actually believed a VH1 produced reality show would produce anything short of drama..

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17 thoughts on “Shaunie O'Neal Calls Basketball Wives: LA Trashy

  1. Jamila says:

    Shaunie has her nerve! If it is trashy, the show is just following your lead with the current wives. I liked the show at first but these women act like children and it just shows how petty these women are. I feel bad for the basketball hubbies. Maybe that is why they never stick around. LOL

  2. Angel says:

    Basketball wives just goes to show, you can take the girl out the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the girl.

  3. Andrea D. says:

    Bad idea we don’t have to see that GANGSTER BITCH on that show I hope once a week is more than enough, actually I fill sorry for Chad if he marry that witch he will regrete it the rest of his life, he is going to have some big problems with her and God forbid if he has children by her, that stupid bitch is going to take him to the cleaners. Why don’t you choice Royce.

  4. DeeDee 1 says:

    Shaunie you got a lot of nerves calling some other females trashy, that crew you got is awful, I hope Baskeyball wives LA rating shoot very high and cancel your show and per your comment they might have slept with somebody to get on the show what do you thing that BITCH Evelyn did? It seems to me she was pretty active with basketball player’s that why nobody ever married her you just help her to get famous. Tami that bitch thinks she ia Joe Louis, I hope Meeka sue the hell out of that BITCH. Susie never married her stupid ass need to go find a job. Jennifer the lost puppy Erick ia right he did make her famous she like Evelyn just want to be famous. Shaunie your problem is you still want Shaq and he left your ass and that girl on the New LA wives you are just angry get over it. Your cast is the worst set up BITCHES I ever seen.

  5. Puppychow says:

    Shaunie you need to get over it stop being a hater

  6. Toya says:

    Ugh shunie is so fucking fake

  7. trina says:

    i feel that they need to leave dara alone whats in her past should be left there. she dont owe anyone of them nothing she dose not have to tell anyone about her past what i dont like is that how they made here feel who the hell is them to judge her get a fucking life and leave her alone.

  8. tk says:

    Basketball wives is entertaining but basketball wives LA is just straight TRASH. I don’t know where they found those ghetto drama filled chicks but just shut it down already. They make black women look like fools!!!!!!

  9. Meg says:

    I honestly don’t think Shaunie was referring to Laura when she said the word “trashy.” I acutally think she was speaking of Draya…..what is her purpose on the show? Just because she’s slept with a dozen or so basketball players does not qualify her as a wife, fiance, gf, nothing! She is a jump-off! Point blank period. She has no respect for any union created by God and that’s why she will always be looked at as a hoe. Sorry, that’s just what it is!

    And yes, I can see where Shaunie’s vision started and how it became so distored. Her vision would not have produced the ratings it needed to make it this long. It’s sad because we as a people don’t want to see women, black women especially, get along and be positive role models. Yet and still, I love the Miami show. I love that all of the women are trying to do something for themselves independent of their men.

    I don’t know if I can do the LA show……that damn Draya and ol girl with the blonde locks are killing it! Just remove them and keep the party going! I can’t judge Laura right off yet, but her sister Gloria….ugh! I can’t stand her! She was a straight b-word on the Miami show, flaunting her “perfect” ENGAGEMENT (not marriage) and now look! See where that slick ish gets ya!

  10. tracy says:

    I agree with Trina 100%. I being think that of Shunie, she is sooooooooooo fake not cool. She playing all the ladies & she act like she so classy & she really not to me. The bitch is fucking fake point blank & the bitch aint better than the rest.

  11. delredd says:

    well shaunie u created that fucking problem just 2 make easy ass money off these stupid ass bitches.

  12. queen mcmichael says:

    I think suie is a two face trouble maker with her tied tongue talking self . she was a thumb sucker
    I don”t know why she is still on there. She looks like a transvestice!!!!

  13. ann says:

    i cant believe that we continue to watch this trash. i think it is a disgrace . Evelyn has a problem, all she wants to do is fight, IS THAT THE WAY A REAL WOMEN CONDUCTS HER SELF. She claims some one wants to marry her big wild looking butt and she is jumping off tables with ever other word 4 letters. What have we come too, if Ocho marrys that trash he is out of his mind,and her side kick Tamie another piece of trash. I must say that i believe that Jennerfer is trying to act like a lady. All those old women need to be ashamed of them self. If it were my kids they would tell me , mama u are embarrassing,and you need to get off the tv.

  14. ericka williams says:

    andrea d you are telling the truth. if ochocinco marries evelyn he will be the dumbest fool ever. Thats worst than Mike Tyson marrying Robin Givens. That bitch evelyn is a trashy hoe. She will screw any baller for money. She’s a groupie, jump off, skanky slut. Her goal is money, money, money. Watch that crazy bitch pop up pregnant. I like jennifer your suppose to hold your head high and think highly of yourself. She needs to leave evelyn alone because she’s garbage. Separating herself was smart.

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