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Beyonce Fired Matthew Knowles Over Theft Accusations

Updated –Beyonce reportedly fired her father Matthew Knowles over theft accusations. Matthew Knowles is now struggling to prove his innocence over the theft accusations reportedly made by his daughter and Live Nation. After Beyonce fired her father as her sole manager in March 2011; she reasoned that it was time for her to spread her own wings, forge her own path and all was well with the family. Matthew also concurred with the report at the time….all seemed well.

TMZ has just uncovered however, that Matthew Knowles has filed paper work to prove his innocence. According to Matthew, Beyonce was going to get sucked out by Live Nation who wanted to keep a large chunk of her profits but Beyonce was lead to believe that Matthew “had stolen money from Beyonce on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that [he] was not entitled to.”

(Beyonce with Mom Tina Knowles shopping in London today 7.11.11)

Mathew further claims that Beyonce had her lawyer investigate the accusations only to find that Matthew had taken money not belonging to him.

It appears there’s a larger cover up at hand as Matthew hopes that a judge will allow him to prove his innocence and show Live Nation execs as fraud.

Beyonce has reportedly signed up with a former Live Nation executive as her manager. Ironically Jay-Z is also signed under Live Nation….what do you think of these theft accusations by Beyonce and Live Nation?

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