Single Ladies Stacey Dash Featured In Runway Magazine

“Single Ladies” star Stacey Dash is featured in the upcoming issue of Runway Magazine. After a long hiatus from the small screen Stacy Dash has returned in full force in the VH1 hit “Single Ladies”. The 45-year old beauty doesn’t look a day older than 35! So of course Stacey dished on how she maintains her envious figure, her fashion on “Single Ladies” and her future projects;

On maintaining her slim figure:
I eat healthy, I run and I work out with a personal trainer who does a very strenuous, athletic workout with me four to five time a week.

On her Single Ladies character (Val) fashion inspiration:
Val’s fashion style is constantly evolving. It’s inspired by iconic fashion figures of the past, and she puts a contemporary spin on it. [Fashion consultant] Anthony Williams and I have total control when it comes to the vision of Val’s style.

On her future projects:
I’m a mother, so I’m focused on my children and am working on a few projects I have in the making. At the moment I’m building my battered women shelter task force and working on a skincare line and lifestyle brand. I also have a book coming out called “How to Stay Dashing,” which should be released by the fall.

It goes without saying that whatever skincare formula Stacey Dash concocts in a bottle we’re buying!! What do you think of Stacey Dash’s character on Single Ladies?

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