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Lauryn Hill Spotted Out With Rohan Marley On Broadway

Lauryn Hill takes in a Broadway play with Rohan Marley and their children. If you recall earlier last month Lauryn Hill announced she was expecting her 6th child. A few days later Rohan Marley exposes on twitter that he had nothing to do with Lauryn’s pregnancy!

“2 things, I’m not married *nd I don’t have anyone expecting anything…[sic]”

Of course many thought at this point there must be trouble in paradise and perhaps Rohan and Lauryn Hill were no longer together. However, the couple and all their children (Rohans two eldest children from a previous marriage were there also) were spotted out attending “Spider Man, Turn Off the Dark” at Foxwoods Theatre on Broadway.

To further clear things up Rohan deleted his previous tweets and sent out some new ones just for clarification:

“I haven’t denied anyone, just somethings aren’t what they say…Respect to the mother of my children..everyone has rights. I got to be more careful about who I engage in a little conversation.. They’ll twist your words into their own meanings .. Well such is life.”

No assumptions being made here on who is or isn’t the father of Lauryn Hill’s 6th child but one thing is for sure…celebrities need to add Twitter management to their budget!

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