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Beyonce's 4 Slated For No. 1 Debut

Beyonce’s album “4” is slated for a no. 1 spot on Bilboard’s 200 chart. So much for a Beyonce 4 flop! According to Billboard, Beyonce’s fourth studio album is on trend to sell 300,000 by Sunday July 3rd. If this remains true, “4” will be Beyonce’s fourth number 1 album. It’s important to note Beyonce has only released 4 albums as a solo artist.

Beyonce’s previous album “I Am…Sasha Fierce” sold 482, 000 in it’s first week while “B’Day” sold 541,000. Despite the dip in comparison to her other efforts, Billboard still considers “4” a strong effort given the “soft album-sales market.” The sales are also impacted by the album lack of a strong lead single. “Run the World” has only peaked at no. 29.

Another big release this week is from Kanye West’s protege Big Sean. Billboard expects for “Finally Famous” to move around 100,000 copies.

While reviews are still mixed on the album, Beyonce’s star power is undeniable. So, we must know, did you ever doubt Beyonce’s album 4 would be a success?

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0 thoughts on “Beyonce's 4 Slated For No. 1 Debut

  1. Landon says:

    Correction Run the wworld is currently #1 on the charts on She is a diva which could only make something like this happen after all the sabotaging to her career. Thank GOD she know HIM.. Only believers could prosper after all the madness of the leaked CD,etc and still come out #1 on the charts.. Love her and I am so happy she beat out the haters.

  2. Lanna says:

    Correction on the correction–“Run the World” is nowhere near the Top 20, much less No. 1 like the previous poster states. As far as doubting the album being a success, that remains to be seen, a few days of release (or even a few weeks) is hardly long enough to assess whether it is a success. If it sells 300,000 week 1 and drops off a cliff in the proceeding month, that’s not really successful. We’ll probably be able to tell whether or not it is (or will be) successful by the end of summer, not after a few days.

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