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Serena Williams Twitter Picture Creates An Uproar

Serena Williams twitter picture was a hot trending topic today. Earlier today Serena posted a new avatar picture that shows her behind sheer curtains wearing a white panty and matching bra. The picture itself seems innocent enough, as sexy Twitter pictures are nothing to cry home about – if anything it garners more followers. But not everyone has a stalker who’s following their every move on Twitter.

A 40 year old male stalker was arrested earlier this week when he was trespassing on Serena’s Florida home. AOL also reported that the stalker made it to Serena’s dressing room while taping a Home Shopping Network segment.

Serena’s twitter picture, or “peeping photo” according to pundits, implies that she’s coyly hiding behind the curtains as someone takes a peak. Others compared the photo to the stalker who took pictures of ESPN’s Erin Andrews from her hotel room window while she changed. Needless to say, Serena changed her Twitter picture to an older albeit less sexy image of her playing tennis.

What do you think of Serena’s twitter picture – should Serena Williams edit her life to fit a stalker?

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