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"Gossip Girl" Star Tika Sumpter Featured In Esquire's "Me In My Place"

Actress Tika Sumpter is featured in Esquire Magazine‘s “Me in My Place” spread. The “Gossip Girl”, “The Game” and “One Life to Live” star playfully frolics in her favorite boy shorts around her chic Manhattan apartment. Tika shares the perks of living alone saying, “I live by myself. I come in the door, I can throw my stuff on the floor. I can leave the dishes. I can have wine.”

On what makes a woman sexy: When you’re comfortable in your skin and you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, sexiness just – it oozes out.




On her choice of undergarments: I love any kind of boy shorts. They make every girl’s legs look amazing..and their butts look great. I walk around my house like that anyway – kind of like nothing. If I could walk around like that everyday outside, I would.

Rising star Tika Sumpter is set to appear in “What’s Your Number” with Ana Faris and “Captain America” according to Esquire. Can this gorgeous starlet’s star get brighter any faster?

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