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Wendy Williams Highlights Personal Experience For New "Love Triangle" Show

“The Wendy Williams Show” host Wendy Williams added another show to her heavy plate. Fresh off her “Dancing with the Stars” elimination, Wendy Williams began hosting “Love Triangle” for the Game Show Network. The show surrounds women involved with two men who are unaware of each other and of course Wendy will help them chose. Wendy also shared that she too was once involved in a love triangle though now she is married with a son.

Wendy describes the show below,

“Love triangle is a brand new show on the Game Show Network,” Williams says. “I am thrilled to be on this show as the host.”

She explains the premise of the show as follows: “It’s one person caught up with two people, and they want to decide which one they want to build a future with. We really do a good job here of digging into the background of people coming on the show.”

Love Triangle with Wendy Williams premiered April 11th on GSN and will air nightly at 7pm.

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