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Christina Aguilera's Boyfriend Escapes DUI Charges

Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend Matt Rutler were pulled over in early March when police noticed erratic driving by the driver. Matt was arrested for an alleged DUI while Christina was taken into custody for public drunkenness.

TMZ has now reported that the LA County District Attorney has officially dropped the charges when it was determined Matt Rutler was below the California’s legal limit. Matt read at a .06 with the legal limit at .08.

Despite the rectification, the arrest came at a major cost to the reputation of Christina Aguilera . Aguilera was just off the heels of   suffering other public breakdowns including her fumble of the National Anthem, her slip at the Grammy’s and her entourage expressing concern over her behavior.

While rectification is always welcomed, how will Christina Aguilera recover from damage already done?

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