Beyonce Sparks Controversy Again After Blocking Jesus In Last Supper Instagram Photo


Beyonce Beysus controversy Beyonce is in hot water again after she posted a picture on her Instagram account of her sitting in the front of a mural of “The Last Supper” where she also is blocking Jesus.

When Beyonce posted the photo on her social media a few days ago, comments began flooding the R&B star’s page accusing of her trying to replace the image of Jesus in Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting with her own image.

Since then, the Huffington Post exposed a few flaws in the accusations claiming that Beyonce was disrespecting Jesus but it hasn’t been enough to convince social media users that the “Bow Down” songstress isn’t disrespecting Christianity.

The image portrayed behind the Miami juice bar where the mural was located is actually an Andy Warhol interpretation of “The Last Supper,” not an actual copy of da Vinci’s work.

It also turned out that the length of the bar matches the length of the mural which means Beyonce may have simply chosen that spot because it was the center of the bar, not because she wanted to intentionally block Jesus.

Still, many of Beyonce’s former fans feel as if she should have been more aware of her placement considering that she is a Christian woman.

“Is nothing sacred anymore?” president of the American Family Association, Tim Wildom, asked. “This is clearly an act of disrespect towards Jesus Christ, whom Beyonce covers up with her pose. This had to be done intentionally.”

Beyonce Last Supper controversy Social media users who claimed to be former fans of the R&B star called the picture “disrespectful” and “of poor taste.”

“She is always so deliberate about the image she portrays so she had to have some idea of this impact,” one user wrote under the image on Instagram.

“Looks like the Last Supper, instead of Jesus its Beyonce,” another comment read. “Ummm epic fail boo. Jesus Christ is my savior, not you. Besides that, I love Beyonce, but you will never be God.”

Wildom added that he felt as if Beyonce isn’t being as heavily criticized as “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson, who was criticized for making homophobic comments, because Christianity is the one thing that people in American are allowed to attack “with impunity.”

“However, you will not see the media condemn her for offending Christians in the same way they did Phil Robertson for offending homosexuals because there is a double-standard,” Wildom said. “Christians are the only group in America you can bash with impunity.”

While other fans slammed the star for her nickname “Beysus,”the controversial moniker came from Beyonce’s fans and has never been embraced or repeated by Beyonce herself.

Beyonce hasn’t comment publicly on the Instagram photo.

The “Last Supper” controversy comes shortly after the 32-year-old powerhouse singer was bashed for using audio from the Challenger explosion on her song “XO.”

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