Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

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Tami Roman Blames Editing For Negative Image, Hints at Quitting ‘Basketball Wives’

tami roman meeka claxtonBasketball Wives” season five is heading a positive direction, at least that’s what producer Shaunie O’Neal would like viewers to believe. At the end of season four, viewers were shocked and confused when producers chose to keep the main troublemakers Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada and instead fire four other cast members who could be considered saints in comparison.

Lozada appears to be winning over public support after her domestic violence dispute with her now ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. Roman, on the other hand, is having trouble convincing viewers that she’s a changed woman and the fault begins in the editing room.

During a recent call into Chicago’s Morning Riot Morning Show, the reality star hinted that she’s over producers creating a negative image of her.

“They are trying to portray me week after week as a certain type of person and I’m not going for that. I’m not having that. I’m sick of the Basketball Wives train that has left the station.”

Does this mean Roman will quit the show mid-season or opt out of a sixth season, if there is one? That remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Roman isn’t letting a few editing tricks keep her from actually living a more positive life. On Saturday night at Sammy Black’s Runway Show during New York Fashion Week, Roman ran into her arch nemesis Meeka Claxton. In season three of “Basketball Wives” Roman famously smacked, punched and bullied Claxton off the show. With a few years in between them and lots of maturing, Roman and Claxton started a new chapter.

Claxton posted on her Instagram:

“The feud is O-V-E-R…i don’t know how at a fashion show in a room full of 100′s of people @officialtamiroman and I could have such a deep convo, get so much off our chest, make peace and hug it out. I swear it was like no one else was there. #Growth #Forgiveness #RealSh*t”

Tami added:

“Me and @meekaclaxton. ..as she said, YES HELL has frozen over LOL. I apologized to this sistah and we r moving on in peace. #realwomens**t #maturity #liveinlove”

Wonder if the cameras were there to capture the moment?

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  1. Toletha Eiram says:

    Tami, why is it that you must always respond in a physical manner? Not only that, you actually look for something to be physical about. We know editing goes on, but it ain't enough editing to make you appear the way you appear now. It's not the editing. It's you! You make yourself look bad. Shaunie was exactly right. With you, it CAN GO really right or really wrong. I was with ya for a while because I felt like the first time around, Evelyn and the gang gave you a raw deal when you came into the group. Then I didn't care for Meeka and did agree that she was two-faced (good move making up with her though). And I did agree that Jennifer was a bit snobbish. But I can see now that no matter what, you are not happy unless there is drama going on in your life. The first thing you said when Evelyn mentioned introducing you to Tasha was something to the effect that, "I am tired of explaining to these bitches that this is who the F I am." Who does that! Right away you automatically assumed that there would be drama and that the focus would be on YOU. You even asked Suzi later on if she and Tasha discussed YOU. It was all about you, you, you. And who goes into an introduction anyway thinking that they have to induct somebody into the "Tami World of Rules?" The normal response from a sane, highly confident person would be something like, "I'd love to meet your friend." Then you just see how things play out, not look for drama and gossip like you did when you met up with Suzi before meeting Tasha. And guess what? You are always telling people that they should come to you if they want to know something about you or want to discuss something about you. Well, follow your own advice because you clearly were not doing that when you went to Evelyn to talk about Shaunie. You had agreed to disagree, so it should have been squashed anyway. At any rate, you're not some teacher dealing with a bunch of kids in elementary school who has to straighten out all the kids. People can be whoever they want to be and do whatever they want to do as long as they don't infringe on your rights/the rights of others. It's not your job to TEACH adult women how they should act or what they should say. I notice on the preview for next week's show that you are telling Evelyn not to put her hand up. Evelyn is clearly on the opposite side of the table from you. Her hand was not in your face. She can put her hand up as many times as she wants to as long as it's not directly in your face. Even then, it's not your call if she doesn't actually touch you. However, your response would be more understandable if her hand had been directly in your face. It wasn't. Grow up Tami! You want your image changed? Call Iyanla like Evelyn did. Maybe, just maybe she can help you because you clearly have a problem. You are way too old to use fighting as a resolution for everything. We expect that kind of behavior from teens, not women your age, especially a mother.

  2. Meeka doesn't look too happy in that pix! Tami needs to quit blaming editing. And Evilyn needs to quit crying she wasn't crying when she was throwing bottles & hitting people with clutch purses, & sending her puppet Nia to slap Jen, or jumping on tables. Now she crying cuz Chad went OOOPS ALL UP SIDE HER HEAD? Evilyn please!

  3. Samantha Sonji Brown says:

    Tami- you are showing psychopath tendencies….. you need medication. When you can go from 0-10 in anger in 2 seconds, wit the anger being about controlling your emotions. YOU NEED A PSYCHATRIST

  4. Msleidi Kishac says:

    I just don't understand why it is OK for Tammi to talk about people behind their backs but as soon as someone says something about her, oh my, let the smacking begin!

  5. Don't quit Tammy..Your the realest of them all. Shaunie is Phony..and Evelyn is a two faced fake…Just stay…Never quit!!

  6. Ya must understand…With her Mother being sick etc.. :(..She is gonna be on 24/7 edge..add that to her fiery personality… Last season Evelyn was tryin to be tough…constantly jumpin in Jenns face..tryin to punk her every week..then she went on a rant puttin down Royce and her wardrobe..constantly tryin to fight Royce…Until
    she was hunmiliated in front of the WORLD..she acted like she didn't know how to tone it down.

  7. This trainwreck of a show is for entertainment only…anyone trying to live your life per these women need help, but Tammi has major issues! The way she treated her own mother regarding the "hospice" issue was horrendous… who tells their dying mom to get her own place Cruz they don't want to see it all the time? Omg! She is messy, hateful, a crap stirrer, bully, & a grudge holder! She is not to be trusted, even when it comes to her own daughters!

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