Rihanna Embraces Conservative Look Amid Rumors She’s Dating Drake


Rihanna rocks hoodie and maxi skirt in New York Rihanna has been spotted out with Drake again and she’s also been seen rocking yet another unusually conservative outfit which sparks the question – is RiRi switching things up to try to get a quality man?

When it comes to dating, we often see stories about a classy woman changing her man around, but this time it appears the opposite has occurred.

Ever since rumors surfaced that Rihanna might be in a relationship with Drake, her style has completely turned around — in a good way.

Instead of constantly flashing her butt cheeks and nipple rings, she’s been covered up while still showing off the edgy style that she’s become known for.

On Sunday, Rihanna made her way to the East Coast where she took to the streets of New York in black hoodie, matching beanie, black maxi skirt and a pair of sneakers.

Just a few days ago, she was spotted again wearing an oversized sweater dress that had her looking like a classy lady rather than a streetwalker – as comedian Joan Rivers would say.

Of course, a conservative look isn’t all it takes to make the transition from a ratchet young star to a lady with class. One thing that certainly has to go is the overwhelming collection of photos of herself smoking – but she hasn’t given that up just yet.

Rihanna posted a picture of herself relaxing on a balcony in the Big Apple with what appears to be a cigar or a blunt in her hand.

She also tweeted the caption, “NY state of mind” along with the black and white photo.

Meanwhile, Rihanna has been embracing her new more conservative look while meeting Drake for a couple dates.

Despite eyewitnesses claiming that Rihanna and Drake looked like they were only friends when they went out on their dinner date after MTV’s Video Music Awards, it appears thats the stars are definitely taking things to the next level.

After their group date with friends, RiRi and Drizzy met up again for some one-on-one time where another eyewitness couldn’t help notice how much of an “old school” gentleman Drake is.

“He gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek,” the source told HollywoodLife.com.Rihanna dating Drake to get back at Chris Brown

The source went on to say that the “All Me” rapper told Rihanna that she looked “beautiful as always,” and he even had his bodyguard pull out her chair for her.

If Drake is inspiring a few changes in the famous party girl’s behavior,  it may not be too bad. But then again, there is the fear that Rihanna is toying with Drake’s heart just for the sake of making her ex, Chris Brown, jealous.

The rivalry between Chris and Drake is no secret and the fact that both men got  violent in a club brawl over Rihanna makes the YMCMB rapper the perfect candidate if the Bajan beauty wanted to get back at Breezy.

Although that is very likely, it isn’t enough to support that every tweet from Rihanna that mentions Drake is meant to hurt Breezy’s feelings.

The “Stay” songstress tweeted out a picture Pharrell and Mel Ottenberg with the caption, “ILL n**a alert x ILL n**a alert” and the media immediately went into a frenzy suggesting that it was a subliminal diss aimed at Chris.

For those who don’t know that line is directly from Drake’s new song “All Me,” however the quote isn’t even pulled from Drake’s verse. Rapper 2 Chainz spit that particular line and it’s more likely that Rihanna thought it would be a clever way to express her fondness of her two stylish friends.

Besides, Rihanna is much more blunt with her Chris Brown disses – for example when she included the initials of his clique in a tweet that told him to “Phu*k O.utta H.ere B.****!!”


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