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Rihanna Joins Drake For Dinner as She Prepares for Sexy Josephine Baker Movie Role

Rihanna had quite the exciting VMA weekend, although none of that excitement came from the actual show, as she joined her pal Drake for dinner and even began displaying a conservative yet still very fashionable side of herself.

Talk about a bizarre weekend. We’ve seen it all from Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke in a plastic nude bikini to Taylor Swift putting her ex-boyfriend on full blast as she accepted her award. But nobody was expecting to see RiRi emerge looking like a lady all of a sudden.

Rihanna was spotted out and about quite a bit over the last few days and every time she was seen, she was surprisingly covered up.

On Monday she was out shopping in New York wearing an oversized, brown smock-style dress with a simple pair of sneakers and her favorite silver chain necklace. Her nipples rings and butt cheeks were unusually out of sight.

The shopping trip didn’t last long, however, and before the photographers knew it Chris Brown’s ex had flagged down a taxi and hopped in.

This comes after her outfit for the VMAs was also surprisingly conservative. The white sleeveless top and cuffed denim jeans had RiRi looking just as stylish as ever, but also looking like a mature woman.

The impressive ladylike fashion sense didn’t stop there either. When she was spotted at the afterparty, she slipped into a dazzling fitted dress that was low-cut but still not revealing an indecent amount of her goodies.

Perhaps Miley Cyrus’ performance on stage served as a bit of self-reflection for the “Stay” singer, who saw another young woman acting and dressing the way she usually does.

Meanwhile, Rihanna will still be scantily clad in a movie role as she prepares to play jazz icon Josephine Baker in an upcoming biopic.

In the 1920s, Baker was known for her soulful tones and unusual fake banana tutu that often served as her only piece of clothing.

Needless to say we don’t think Rihanna will be the least bit uncomfortable about slipping into nothing but a banana skirt for the film – she should be pretty used to wearing little to nothing after she danced in the streets in a sheer monokini. 

In addition to changing up her style,  the songstress may be making some changes in her love life as well.

Amid all the rumors that the Bajan beauty and the YMCMB rapper Drake are dating, the duo actually met for dinner on Friday night.

Now before anyone begins finding strange ways to combine Rihanna and Drake’s names together (Rake and Drihanna just isn’t going to fly with us), it’s important to note that eye witnesses at the restaurant don’t believe the pair acted flirtatiously at all.

“They looked like they were just having fun,” one eye witness told Omg! “It didn’t seem romantic or overly flirty.”

As unusual as it sounds in the world of Hollywood, it is possible that Rihanna and Drake are just good friends who wanted to get a bite to eat together.

The music stars weren’t spending any alone time together either. Both Drake and RiRi brought friends along with them for the dinner and they arrived separately at the New York hotspot.

Of course, many fans swear that Drake is in love with the “Where Have You Been” crooner since he did get in a club brawl with Chris Brown over her, but you have to consider that sometimes men aren’t really fighting over a woman as much as they are just fighting for their pride.

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