‘What Are You Tweaking About?’: Drunk ‘Karen’ Goes Beserk While Berating Truck Driver and Forgets to Put Car In Park, Leading to Instant Karma

A road rage incident filmed on the Fourth of July shows an inebriated woman throwing an angry fit on the side of a highway, but the drunken tirade backfired when she exited her vehicle to confront the other driver but forgot to put her car in park. 

The viral video begins by showing an unidentified man rolling down the window of his truck and asking the female driver in the next lane, “What are you tweaking about?”

That’s when the baseball cap-wearing “Karen” opened her door and aggressively berated the man from her driver’s seat, calling him a “f—ing d—k,” and accusing him of cutting her off with her elderly father in the passenger seat.

Drunk 'Karen' Goes Beserk While Berating Truck Driver and Forgets to Put Car In Park, Leading to Instant Karma
A woman shouts at a man in a truck in a viral video. (Photo: TikTok/Andrew.s)

“I have an 82-year-old man in the car, and you guys are all f—ing spinning and swerving,” the woman slurred. “Just because it’s the Fourth of July doesn’t mean you can drive like a f—ing d—k!”

The man in the truck began teasing the entitled woman while filming her, saying, “You’re drunk as f—k!” 

“F—k you!” the woman yelled twice before slamming her door shut.

Her back window was rolled down so she heard the man clapping back at her, claiming she almost ran off the road. “You’re the one swerving,” he said, mocking her. “I was just following you!”

At this point, the woman became so incensed that she abruptly jumped out of her car in the middle of traffic to get in the man’s face. 

“I’m the one swerving?” she asked indignantly, stepping forward to confront the truck driver at his window. “I’m the one f—ing swerving?” she asked again.

Fully distracted and her back turned, the woman’s car began rolling away almost as soon as she stood up outside the car.

The woman suddenly realized her mistake and panicked.

But by the time she turned around, though, it was already too late.

The car was rolling too fast for her to simply jump back in and regain control, creating a life-threatening situation on the side of the highway.

Powerless to stop the vehicle, the woman did not give up, stumbling and stammering alongside the car before it careened into the back of an SUV waiting to turn right.

The impact jolted the woman, briefly trapping her in the door jamb of her car as it pressed against the SUV.

Despite the altercation, the truck driver starts to get out to help the woman, but the video cuts off before he gets there. 

When the recording resumes, the woman is seen at the window of the driver she just collided with, explaining the situation.

The woman appeared to be uninjured after the incident, and the SUV did not appear to have any visible damage from the fender bender.

The video ends with everyone involved leaving the scene without further incident.

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