‘Don’t Come Back!’: Grumpy ‘Karen’ Banished By Teen Worker After Cussing, Throwing Fit Over Refund for Snow Cone, Video Shows

A video of an interaction between a woman and two teenagers working in a snow cone shop is going viral on TikTok for the teen manager’s response to the woman’s attitude after demanding a $6 refund.

The video was posted by a TikTok page belonging to Kekes Snow Balls in Willis, Texas. It begins with an exchange between a woman and one of the teen workers.

The woman approaches the shop window and explains a previous visit when she was told she could pay in advance for a snow cone for her daughter who would be stopping by the shop later that day.

een Manager Tells Off 'Karen' Who Called Her a B---h After Demanding $6 Refund for Snow Cone, Viral Video Shows
Woman caught on video cussing at teen workers at a snow cone shop. (Photo: TikTok/Keke Snow Balls)

Shop management wrote in the video caption that while they normally don’t make agreements like this, the team agreed. However, a shift change that day led to some confusion over the order, so when the woman’s daughter came by, the shop didn’t give her a snow cone.

The woman later returned to demand a $6 refund.

“I was up here two days ago, and I put a $6 on my account on my order and paid for it,” the woman explained. “It said, if my daughter comes up here, can she come get her a snow cone?

“Y’all said yes,” she continued. “She comes all the way up here, you tell her, no. I need my $6 back.”

The young worker asks about the woman’s account, and the customer frustratingly starts explaining the situation again.

“Y’all didn’t give her the snow cone,” the woman stated.

At that point, the teenage manager stepped in, opened up the cash register, and removed six bucks to give to the lady without saying a word.

The manager closes the store window, which prompts a sign to fall. As she opens the window to pick the sign up, the lady returns and pushes it, then calls the manager a “b****” and walks away.

“Ma’am, please don’t act like that; you’re a grown woman!” the teen manager yells at the woman.

The woman is heard incoherently yelling back at the manager, but the manager continues to tell her off.

“You’re a grown woman! I’m 17! Get out of here! Don’t come back, don’t come back. We don’t need your business!” the teen yells before closing the shop window.

The video garnered millions of views and thousands of comments applauding the young lady for her response to the rude woman.

Several commenters identified the customer as a “Karen,” a term to specify a middle-class white woman who often displays vexed behavior over minor concerns at retail stores and denigrates service workers. Most “Karen” encounters include demands to speak to managers, and many incidents involve women weaponizing their whiteness against Black people to call the police over minor or nonexistent offenses.

“Wow, that employee handled that so well!!!” one TikTok user commented on the teen manager’s conduct.

“I need my money back. They give her her money back. Then she cusses at them. Karens don’t know what to do when there is no fight,” another person commented.

“This kid will go far! Somebody gotta put these Karens in their place,” another commenter wrote.

Kekes Snow Balls wrote they were “proud of our supervisor’s handling of the situation.”

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