‘You Really B—ch Made’: Deion Sanders Jr. Engages In a Social Media War Over Allegedly Being Treated Like a ‘Stepson’ By His Own Dad

Deion Sanders is as committed to his five children as they are to him. Since bringing star power to the University of Colorado in late 2022, he even considers members of his team to be part of the family. Recently, his eldest son, Deion Sanders Jr., had to defend his close ties with his team from critics on the internet.

Deion Sanders Jr. found himself in the middle of a heated internet exchange that began when a man who appears to be the personal trainer to controversial NFL quarterback Deshuan Watson took a shot at Deion.

College sports-centric website On3 posted a link to a story about Coach Prime on June 24.

Deion Sanders says he has no interest in leaving Colorado for the NFL. “I’m a leader of men, not a follower of men. I’m a father, not a baby daddy. I lead my sons. I don’t follow my sons. My sons, Travis [Hunter] included, are getting ready to migrate to the NFL. I’m not following them to the NFL,” the social media post said.

Deion Sanders Jr. (R) Defends Himself and His Father Deion Sanders (L) From Online Trolls (Photos: @deionsandersjr / X ; @deionsanders / Instagram)
Deion Sanders Jr. (right) defends himself and his father Deion Sanders (left) from online trolls. (Photos: @deionsandersjr/X, @deionsanders/Instagram)

Travis Hunter is a cornerback and wide receiver for the Colorado Buffaloes. He previously played at Jackson State and has no known relation to Sanders other than playing for him at Jackson State and Colorado.

Quincy Avery replied to the quote from the story by taking a jab at Sanders and his sons. “On the bright side, if he thinks you are good enough, he will also consider you one of his sons,” Avery wrote.

Deion Jr. did not mince words when he clapped back, referring to Avery as “b– made.”

“You really b—h made,” the eldest Sanders son hit back.

“You lashing out because you your pops 4th favorite son behind a kid he just met a few years ago & he knew he was good at football,” Avery responded.

He continued, “Man’s a Jr getting treated like a stepson all cause he couldn’t backpedal. Damn shame.”

“We both had NFL dreams and didn’t make it. We both found a different route & both found successful doing what we do,” tweeted Deion Sanders Jr. in response. “I applaud yo hoe a— for that. In saying all that, you still b—h made for constantly talking down on ppl on this app that don’t even know you. All love though, I’ll see u in person.”

After Sanders Jr.’s college football career came to an end, he eventually launched the streetwear clothing brand Well Off in 2016. Well Off has involved into a media company and routinely posts videos on YouTube of Coach Prime and the football team. He also manages his father’s social media platforms.

“I stopped playing football my junior year in college. I didn’t go to ‘the league,'” Sanders Jr. wrote on the brand’s website. “I had to find another way to ‘ball’ without sports….. I had to find another way to be creative and express myself. I had to find something else that I loved doing and that I could put my time into.”

He also released a rap song called “Swaggin” in 2011 and two songs, “Kandy” and “Money Old,” in 2022.

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