‘The Saints In Here About to Lose Their Church Wigs … Over This’: Pastor Keion and Shaunie Henderson Slammed for ‘Almost Crip Walking’ to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’

A month ago, Pastor Keion Henderson made headlines for checking members for disrupting his worship service. When social media and some of his peers criticized him for being so strict, he blasted them and told them he needed to maintain decorum and order in the church.

Now, people are asking him to keep that same energy in regard to his wife, Shaunie Henderson, who came out dancing to Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” during a Christian conference panel hosted by “Dear Future Wifey” podcast host, Laterras Whitfield.

Shaunie henderson crip walking
Shaunie Henderson, wife of Pastor Keion Henderson, faces criticism for “almost crip walking” to Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” during Chrisitian conference. (Photo: @iamshaunie/Instagram)

On June 22, the Lighthouse Church founder and his first lady attended their annual “Cry Out 2024” conference at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Downtown Houston. The two were introduced as guests on the host’s main stage and entered to the sound of the chart-topping diss track that has taken the world by storm.

“Not Like Us” is not just a bop intended by the Compton native as a diss to his rap rival Drake, but it’s also a celebration.

When the “Basketball Wives” producer came out, she performed a two-step and modest stanky leg for the audience.

In the building, Shaunie and her husband were a hit. However, once clips of the entrance hit the internet, floods of comments blasted her for blending the world and her faith too closely.

The Neighborhood Talk posted a clip of Shaunie dancing, and some of its 1.9 million followers chimed in about their disapproval.

“A lil C-walk and the C is for Christ,” one person joked. Another comment read similarly, “She almost crip walked she caught herself lol.”

“The lines are really blurred of being saved and of the world,” one person observed.

A third remark was clear, “Chile the church is too worldly for me now days.” But one individual focused on Pastor Keion, saying, “See, now he BET NOT tell a single soul in his church to be quiet again.”

Two others said, “But didn’t want the lady shouting during praise and worship,” and “The saints in here about to lose their church wigs and hats over this.”

Not everyone rebuked the first lady as some enjoyed that the two seem to enjoy life and each other.

According to one person in the comment section, people were distracted by the dancing and missed the real reason why they were invited — their ministry is said to be cutting-edge.

“Yall just take anything and run with it,” one person quipped, “This was a conference.. it was more about real life and Christ coming together. It was different classes being taught on financial literacy, mommy/daddy issues, mental health, knowing your strength, etc.”

Since tying the knot with Shaunie in 2022, the pastor has found himself in the limelight, drawing both praise and criticism for his unconventional approach to ministry. However, what people are seeing is that his innovative sermons and worship services are often overshadowed by a stringent adherence to church protocol and his role as chief overseer.

In a candid interview with 97.9 The Box, the worship leader addressed the backlash surrounding his leadership style, notably the recent incident where he shushed a woman for screaming during the service. Critics suggest his old school ways superseded his capacity for grace. Still, the author and father of one said he learned from that.

“I understood in that moment OK well some of what took place was my roots, which I’m gonna have to address ‘cause it was a reflex reaction to something I grew up seeing and I recognize that the world has changed, people are a lot more sensitive than they used to be,” said Rev. Keion.

“So I didn’t go through the moment without learning, and I don’t want anybody to think that my head was in the sand and that my feet was dug in like I shall not be moved.”

Perhaps his lightening up might have instigated the “Cry Out” dance moment with his wife, who has been incredibly pinned up since marrying the faith leader.

The reality star posted a clip of her dancing at the conference on her social media. Though a great deal of her 1.8 million fans know her to blend in well with the girls on her hit show, she blamed her cutting loose on her husband, writing, “@pastorkeion tripled dared me so I had to!  #caligirl.”

Since Shaunie intentionally added Cali Girl at the end due to previously living in the Sunshine State during and after her marriage to former NBA player, Shaquille O’Neal. Maybe fans were not off when they said she ‘almost crip walked’ for Jesus.

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