‘Extremely Bizarre’: Morgan Freeman’s Fans Take Action After TikToker’s Viral Vlogs Nearly Convince Social Media She’s Actor’s ‘Nepo Niece’

Actor Morgan Freeman has become the recognized voice of “God” and the narrator of a multitude of projects, but fans were stunned when they thought doing voiceovers for vlogs was among his many gigs.

Content creator Justine, known as Justinescameraroll online, beguiled her thousands of followers and other social media users when her latest “a day in the life as a nepo baby” video featuring her “Uncle Mo’s” voice became a viral hit.

Morgan Freeman's narration goes viral
Morgan Freeman trends online after TikTok creator, Justine, uses the actor’s voice to narrate her daily vlogs. (Photos by Michael Regan – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images; Justinescameraroll_/Instagram)

“Her uncle is Morgan Freeman and she gets him to narrate her day in the life vlogs. She wins at life and content creation. This is such a flex,” read a tweet re-sharing the microfluencer’s June 23 vlog.

In it, Freeman’s voice is heard saying, “Justine begged for money for what she said would be a cultural experience in Spain. Does this sound like culture to you?” as the video showed a clip of her and friends speaking English as they exchanged cheers at gatherings.

“She asked for my credit card to book what she claimed was a little activity for her birthday. Imagine my surprise when I was charged for a yacht. Basically, she embezzled. … Even though she’s bossy, I just can’t say no to her apparently,” continued the “Driving Miss Daisy” star.

On TikTok, there were countless comments from people who agreed with one follower’s “We love when Uncle Mo narrates” remark. Someone else who suspected that Freeman’s voice was generated with the use of AI said, “Wait cause I’m about to have Rihanna narrate as my auntie, what app you used?”

Community notes on Twitter would officially end the charade, confirming that Justine was neither related to the actor nor did she enlist him for voiceover duties; instead, she was tech-savvy and used an AI source.

“I see why GOD said: many will be deceived. It’s starting to take shape with Ai,” read a reaction to the discovery. Another tweet stated, “If Morgan Freeman actually narrated that vlog and they were actually related, it would be the right way to use nepotism ngl.”

Others were not as humored by the marketing ploy that has generated Justine thousands of digital interactions.

A Twitter user shared, “Just me or is it not extremely bizarre to use an actor’s AI voice to make content claiming you as blood family and using their AI voice to narrate made up stories about how they’re related to you. like I get it’s supposed to be ‘obvious’ that this is trolling, lol but like…. ??”

@justinescameraroll uncle mo is back, this time narrating my time in South Africa! #macroinfluencer #microinfluencer #tiktokgrowthtips #instagramgrowthtips #traveltiktok ♬ Yacht Club – MusicBox

“Nepo niece” Justine first went viral with the help of AI Freeman in March when he narrated her trip to South Africa. “Atp Im convinced he’s actually your uncle,” a follower wrote. With so many people convinced that she was really related to the veteran actor, she ran with the joke of being able to ask for favors at her leisure.

When asked how she managed to “get this man’s voice,” Justine explained, “I called him and said ‘big uncle, mo!! The people love you, can you voice over my video!!’ and he said yes.”

The Florida State University alumna does not gatekeep the tips and tricks that have helped her secure brand deals and grow her following; however, she has not posted any videos addressing the latest round of the “Uncle Mo” craze or revealed her AI go-to.

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