‘Bout to Throw Hands for Some Chicken?’: Entitled ‘Karen’ Gets Instant Karma After Threatening to Punch Driver In Raising Cane’s Drive-Thru

A video posted to social media shows a woman brazenly cut in front of a car sitting in the drive-thru line of a Raising Cane’s restaurant in Shoreview, Minnesota.

A passenger sitting in a car and waiting in the drive-thru lane at the fast food restaurant appeared to start recording the moment a blond female driver tried to cut the line.

The video shows the driver attempting to skip part of the line. In the process, she nearly hits the car she’s cutting off and the car in front of her.

Entitled 'Karen' Gets Instant Karma After Threatening to Punch Driver In Raising Cane's Drive-Thru
White woman was caught on video threatening to punch man in the face. (Photo: TikTok/KrazyKarensomg)

As she closes in to swipe a place in line, she threatens to hit the driver she’s skipping.

“If you hit me, I’m gonna punch you in your f***ing head, for real,” the woman said before driving up and approaching a small gap in the line to hijack a place.

The video skips to the moment that shows the woman in her stolen place in line, but before getting any further in the drive-thru, a Raising Cane’s employee comes out of the restaurant and tells her to go to the back of the line.

“Ma’am, you’re gonna have to go around. The line starts behind them,” the worker said as he points to the cars behind the blond driver’s car. “So you’re gonna have to go around.”

The woman drives out of the place she unfairly claimed in line to drive around the restaurant. The video ends with a brief conversation between two drivers in the line who start talking about the woman’s audacity.

That video was reposted to the @KrazyKarens(OMG) TikTok page with the caption, “She bout to throw hands for some chicken?”

Commenters shared their thoughts on her entitlement and the quick dose of karma that put her in her rightful place at the back of the line.

“The entitlement,” one commenter said.

“Geez some entitled a-hole who thinks their time > yours,” another person wrote.

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