‘His Piece of Sh-t Partner Did Nothing’: New York Cop Lands 10 Punches to the Face of Restrained Black Man While His Colleagues Watched In Shocking Video

A Yonkers police officer who was supposed to uphold the law was recently indicted for breaking it.

According to a report by Fox 5 New York, Sgt. Hector Cartagena, 55, was arrested for assault on Monday, June 17, after using excessive force against a fleeing suspect in March.

An investigation found Cartagena was chasing a suspect who’d stolen a car at approximately 9:44 p.m. on March 14 when the car the suspect was driving crashed into a wall, and the officers pulled him from the vehicle.

'Charges Mean Nothing When They Get Probation': New York Police Sgt. Arrested and Charged With Assault for Use of Excessive Force
Yonkers Police Detective Sgt. Hector Cartagena is caught on video kicking and punching a man who is already restrained. (Photo: Reddit/Public Freakout)

Body camera footage shows the suspect, whose identity has not been publicized, being wrestled to the ground by several officers and tased. While on the ground, being restrained with his hands behind his back, the suspect is repeatedly punched and kicked by Cartagena, resulting in the suspect sustaining a fractured orbital bone.

“I’mma hit him again!” Cartagena yells at one point of the video.

Cartagena, who has been with the department for 24 years, was suspended without pay, News 12 Westchester reported. He was promoted to his current rank in 2019, according to a tweet from policecareer.com.

“Police officers are sworn to protect us and uphold the law. The Yonkers Police Department was proactive in identifying one of their officers as acting outside their training policies and promptly referred this matter to my office,” Westchester County District Attorney Miriam Rocah said. “The facts learned during the course of our investigation were presented to a grand jury who returned an indictment charging the defendant with offenses related to his alleged use of excessive force.”

The sergeant is being backed by the Yonkers CLSA police union. The union’s president, Det. Capt. Michael Hanley released a statement addressing the matter, noting their position that Cartagena “was performing his official duties in attempting to subdue a violent felon.”

“This pursuit started with a suspect who stole a civilian vehicle and proceeded to lead numerous police units on a high-speed chase throughout the City of Yonkers. The perpetrator intentionally caused accidents with several police vehicles that resulted in injuries to police officers,” Hanley said. “The perpetrator’s actions throughout this pursuit endangered the lives of numerous citizens of the City of Yonkers. The Detective Sergeant was performing his official duties in attempting to subdue a violent felon who was resisting attempts to be taken into custody.”

Hanley also called out Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and Police Commissioner Chris Sapienza for allegedly failing to give Cartagena proper “due process” and said they believe he will be exonerated of the charges.

“Every person in this great country is afforded a right to due process. Unfortunately, based on the statements issued by Mayor Spano and Commissioner Sapienza, Detective Sergeant Cartagena has been denied this right,” Hanley continued. “Their rush to judgment on a 25-year veteran of the YPD with an honorable record is disappointing, and these comments could have a negative impact on his right to a fair trial.”

“The Yonkers CLSA looks forward to Detective Sergeant Cartagena’s opportunity to present all the facts of this case. We believe that after a full review of all the evidence, Detective Sergeant Cartagena will be exonerated of all charges.”

Some online users have already convicted Cartagena in the court of public opinion but also believe he will be exonerated.

“Charges mean nothing when they get probation and still get to keep their job,” one Reddit user wrote under a post that showed the body camera footage.

Other users said Cartagena’s fellow officers were just as guilty.

“If you’re tasering someone because they are using their hands to fend off blows and kicks to their face, you should do prison time too,” one wrote. “And his piece of sh-t partner did nothing. Why are the officers that see this behavior, and not do anything about it, also not be punished?” another asked.

Despite Cartagena’s arrest, the suspect is also being prosecuted by the Westchester DA’s Office for grand larceny, reckless endangerment and assault.

Cartagena has a follow-up court date scheduled for July 31.

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