‘I Don’t Give a F–k!’: Woman Caught on Video Calling Worker Racial Slur, Threatening to Spit In His Face, Trashing Store – All Because She Couldn’t Get a Refund

A video shared online shows a woman getting so upset that she couldn’t get a refund for a phone she purchased that she trashed the store and called the worker a racial slur in the process.

A video shared to TikTok showed a blond woman wearing a blue coat and a pair of Mary Jane shoes at a phone store in west London throwing a tantrum — snatching phone cases off shelves and throwing them across the store — all because she couldn’t return a phone she bought.

A woman was caught on video trashing a phone shop in West London and calling a worker a racial slur after she couldn’t get a refund for a phone she purchased. (Photo: TikTok/@ldz.101)

The 19-year-old shopper went to the ElecTronex store on Saturday, June 8, to return a phone she purchased three months ago because she needed the money to purchase something else.

Her tirade started after a store worker reportedly “refused” to give her a refund. A staffer from behind the counter started recording her once she began trashing the store.

In the video, viewers can see the woman scattering the store’s products across the floor and berating the store’s staff.

She repeatedly called one worker a “p***k” while taunting him for calling security and then called another staffer a “stupid P***” and threatened to spit in his face.

She also reportedly said to another staff member, “I hope your mum gets raped.”

At one point during the video, one worker told the woman, “You are making an idiot out of yourself.”

“I don’t give a f***. You should have just given me my f****** money back then, p***k,” the woman responds. She also threatens to return to the store every day.

Other shoppers were watching and recording her outburst from outside the store. One shopper is even heard loudly chastising her for her behavior. Multiple security guards are also seen blocking the woman from leaving the shop until police arrive.

Another video showed three officers show up and handcuff the woman before leading her out of the store.

According to DailyMail.com, she was released from police custody after the victim told authorities that he did not want to press charges. However, police said they would speak to the phone store’s staff again since one worker captured footage of the woman’s racist comments.

People who saw the video on social media shared their reactions to the woman’s conduct.

“Disgusting behavior,” one person TikTok said.

“You handled this so well,” another person said of the worker who recorded the outburst.

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