San Antonio Police Say There’s No Foul Play In Death of Navy Veteran Jarvis McIntire, Who Told Authorities Someone with a Rifle Was Chasing Him Before His Disappearance

Police confirmed that the body of a Black Navy veteran who went missing last week was found at a San Antonio park.

San Antonio police say a body that was found at John James Park on Friday, June 14, is that of 26-year-old Jarvis McIntire. That park is the last place McIntire was seen before his family said he disappeared.

Monikki Williams, McIntire’s mother, spoke with local authorities about her son’s disappearance, according to KENS5. She conferred with the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office and said the tattoos on the body that was found looked like her son’s.

Jarvis McIntire. (Photo: YouTube/KENS5)

She also spoke with San Antonio police, who told her that McIntire made a 911 call days before authorities found the body. Authorities confirmed there was a call at 1 p.m. on June 9. The caller stated someone with a rifle was chasing him but didn’t provide many details about his whereabouts. When officers arrived, they couldn’t locate the caller or any witnesses.

Police don’t suspect foul play in McIntire’s death at this time. Their investigation is ongoing. However, his family members said they received information that suspects there is something more to his death.

According to his family, McIntire flew from St. Louis to San Antonio that weekend to visit his two sisters for his birthday. He was scheduled to fly back to St. Louis on Sunday, June 8, but never returned.

His family said he posts on social media often but didn’t respond to birthday messages or make follow-up posts on Monday, which signaled to them that something might be wrong.

He was last seen on June 8 near Holbrook Road between Rittiman Road and Corrine Drive, not far from John James Park. His rental car and belongings were also discovered just a block from the park.

“I was praying it wasn’t him,” Williams told KENS5. “I want answers now. I want this person found.”

Williams believes that someone might have targeted him because he’s Black and bisexual.

“They took my baby’s life for no reason,” Williams said.

His family flew to San Antonio last week and have posted missing flyers to call attention to his disappearance.

The medical examiner has not yet released the cause of death.

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