‘We Live Here!’: Elderly White Woman Attacks Black Man with Cane After Confronting Couple About Loading Luggage Into Car on Their Property

A video circulating online shows a Black British couple being confronted and attacked in front of their house by a cantankerous — and apparently racist — elderly white woman who walked up and asked if they had just arrived “off the boat” as they loaded luggage into their car.

The viral footage, posted June 13 on the platform X by a user named MC Greedy, captures the moment when the ornery Brit — dressed in an overcoat despite the summer heat, carrying a large black pocketbook off her left hip, and using a cane — approaches on foot in the middle of the street before launching into a racist tirade.

Unprovoked, the elderly white woman goes full Karen in the video, which shows her walking up to the Black couple authoritatively and questioning them about whether they were new to the neighborhood before hitting the man several times with the cane.

'We Live Here!': Elderly White Woman Attacks Black Man with Cane After Confronting Couple About Loading Luggage Into Car on Their Property
Woman pictured confronted a Black couple on their property. (Photo: X video screenshot/ MC Greedy)

Some of what the old woman says initially is inaudible, but whatever it was set the man off almost immediately.

“What are you talking about?” he responded angrily in a thick British accent, repeating the phrase several times. “We live here, mate! We’ve been living here for five years! What are you talking about?”

The old woman ignores him and can be heard asking, “You just moved in?” as the couple continued protesting her crude remarks.

A moment later, the Black man’s female companion jumped into the argument, exclaiming, “What do you mean ‘fresh off the boat?’” in response to something the cranky old woman said.

After a beat, the older woman said something else insulting, but this too was inaudible, and the outraged younger woman responded: “No … no one came off no boat.”

That’s when the man clapped back on the old bag, saying, “Keep it moving, keep it moving,” trying to get her to leave them alone.

Instead, the elderly woman began ranting and refused to move. 

At one point in the video, she appeared to complain about the couple’s car blocking the sidewalk as they loaded their baggage, even as they were parked on their own property, according to the MC Greedy.

And instead of peacefully walking around, the cranky old lady apparently decided today was the day to pick a fight.

“Who do you think you’re talking to?” she grunted at the Black couple.

“We’re talking to you,” the man shot back. You’re coming to our residence—.” At this point, the old woman cut the man off and pointed her cane at him, spewing more insults, though what she said was not exactly clear.

“You stick it up your a–,” the man responded angrily. “Get out, mate! Just go!” he yells at the short-haired old woman, but that’s when she starts walking toward the man with a serious scowl on her face.

“Don’t come on our property!” the man warned repeatedly, but the old woman defiantly walked up to the edge of the man’s yard anyway.

Her lips pursed, and her brow furrowed, she came almost face to face with him. 

The old woman, who has not been identified, also wore a lanyard around her neck with an official photo ID badge, but it’s unclear where it was issued.

“I know where you live!” the old woman crowed before swinging her cane at the man.

“And I know where you live!” the man retorted, refusing to back down from the elderly woman’s aggressive behavior.

Fed up, the younger woman repeatedly tells the old woman to “move!”

At the same time, the old woman begins spouting gibberish and ranting incoherently while sticking her tongue out with a lemon face.

The argument exploded for more than a minute in the middle of the quiet British hamlet as cars were driving by.

“You’re old and miserable!” the younger woman screams off camera, although she is never shown in the video as the frame remains fixed on the fussy old lady.

“Get the f—k outta here!” the man says before the old white woman appears to jab the man in the chest with the therapeutic cane. 

But the man remains composed throughout, refraining from any aggressive reactions toward the old woman. He appears to recognize the futility of the situation and simply dismisses her with a wave.

“Just go, just go, old lady,” he says. “Hurry up and move. Get the f—k outta here!”

While the elderly woman was ranting, the man started mimicking her garbled speech, prompting her to swing the cane at him again.

The video cuts off just as the crotchety Brit turns to walk away, seemingly ending the confrontation.

Social media praised the man for his composure during the tense encounter, recognizing that his restraint prevented the situation from escalating further.

“You did the right thing, brother,” commented Teenaz2023. “In the end its not her getting legal proceedings if things go South. You made her seethe and that’s how you hurt the racists deep down.”

It’s not clear if the couple reported the incident, but many voices urged MC Greedy to get law enforcement involved.

“Assault and intimidation! Get this dusty ass racist arrested!” wrote Lisa Moorish. “You did well not to retaliate, as she is an old woman. But my god, how dare she think she can strike you!!”

Another user noted, “And people like her somehow think they are the superior race.”

MC Greedy, who describes himself on the platform as a content creator and events host, also commented to his followers underneath the video, saying “my head was hot boy but old age catching her anyways loool, not worth it.”

It’s not clear where the racist confrontation took place, but MC Greedy’s handle includes the national flags of Germany and Ghana.

The next day, Greedy posted a video to TikTok, reflecting on the incident with a mix of sadness and resignation, acknowledging that such attitudes, while disheartening, are sometimes a product of generational differences that may be difficult to change.

“Listen, when she hit me with that stick, I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Like, I really wanted to take it out of her hand and just dash it or just whack it on her head, you feel me? But obviously, we know this ain’t our land. Like, she’s already on her way out, respectfully. But obviously, it’s still sad that people are like this in 2024 in it, but it’s the olden age, you feel me? You can’t control certain things, you just gotta pray about it and just keep it moving, man.”

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