‘Neither of Them Should Give Relationship Advice’: Twice-Divorced Martin Lawrence Says He’s a Better Partner Now After Will Smith Questions His Relationship Advice, Fans Say Will’s No One to Talk

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith may want to keep their advice limited to how to secure box office success.

As part of their promotional run to get seats filled for the “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” theater run, they participated in Complex’s “G.O.A.T. Talk” series, where both actors entertained questions about their favorite dances, go-to karaoke songs, and G.O.A.T. basketball players.

Will Smith’s attempt at clowning Martin Lawrence’s relationship advice backfires when fan bring up Jada Pinkett Smith. (Photo: @martinlawrence/Instagram)

However, the conversation took a somewhat serious turn when they were prompted to discuss more personal matters like G.O.A.T. relationship advice. The “Martin” show star was up first. He said that his golden rule was to “treat the person how you want to be treated.”

The “King Richard” Oscar winner gave a reflective “hmm” before asking how that approach has panned out for his friend. “Well, I have two divorces,” Lawrence quipped.

“So you was like, ‘F—k that advice,” Smith joked as they shared a laugh. “I must’ve forgotten, but I’m getting better,” said Lawrence.

When the question was turned around to the box office superstar, Smith reiterated a sentiment that has previously been shared on “The Red Table Talk,” in his self-titled memoir, and in interviews from the past four years.

“The G.O.A.T. relationship advice for me is that it’s impossible to make a person happy. Don’t even play the game, and don’t try to have a person make you happy,“ he said with a head shake.

The “Just The Two of Us” rapper further explained his perspective, stating, “You have to discover your happiness and cultivate your happiness on your own and they have to cultivate theirs on their own, and you come together sharing the happiness you have versus trying to get happiness from them. That was a big one for me, like the retirement from trying to make people happy. And all my relationships got better.”

The exchange was no more than two minutes long but garnered a lot of responses as the question was pulled from the video to spark social media discourse. “No shade but Will Smith got some nerve when his Wife is Married to Tupac,” read a digital hit aimed at Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s union.

Another person thought it was ironic that “the one that called it quits twice is being criticized by the one that don’t know when it’s time to hang it up.” A third remark read, “Neither one of them should give relationship advice….respectfully.”

Lawrence was married to former Miss Virginia pageant beauty Patricia Smith, formerly Southall, for two years when they divorced in 1997. They share a daughter named Jasmine Page, who turned heads two years ago when fans noticed she was dating Eddie Murphy’s son Erick Murphy.

The same year Lawrence’s divorce was finalized, he began dating Shamicka Hill, formerly Gibbs. They tied the knot in 2010, but the marriage ended in divorce after two years. Together they share two daughters, Iyana and Amara.

Both of his exes have since remarried, Patricia to retired NFL star Emmitt Smith and Shamicka to Antwaun Hill, the owner of luxury concierge provider Ace Elite Services. But regardless of their soured romance, Patricia made sure to show her support for Lawrence at the “Bad Boys for Life” Los Angeles premiere in 2020.

The “Big Momma’s House” actor is currently in a relationship with girlfriend Angie Gonzalez, who was by his side on the red carpet. His franchise co-star has been married to Jada for 26 years, though it was revealed last year that they have quietly been separated for seven years. She was also present at the premiere.

The “Hawthorne” actress made the admission while promoting her memoir, “Worthy.” Despite her claims that Will’s 2022 scandal, where he slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, renewed their union, fans are still non-believers that the couple is romantically involved with each other.

At this point, many are hoping that she is not provoked to clean off “her red table for more drama” amid the hype surrounding his recent relationship advice.

Will was previously married to his first wife, Sheree Zampino, with whom he shares his elder son, Trey Smith.

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