‘The Next Plot Twist’: Michigan Man Who Went Viral for Virtual Court Appearance Is Required to Drive with Another Adult for 30 Days After Finally Obtaining His Learner’s Permit at 44

The Michigan man who became an internet meme after driving during a virtual court hearing for a suspended license case has finally received his learner’s permit and is on his way to becoming a legal driver, according to his attorney.

Detroit-area attorney Dionne Webster-Cox posted a speedup video on social media of her client walking into a government office on June 10, where he completed the process of obtaining a driving permit.

“Congratulations! You did it!” a woman’s voice exclaims off camera as Corey Harris, who is carrying a cane, does a celebratory dance.

'You Did It!': Michigan Man Who Went Viral for Driving with a Suspended License Finally Gets Learner's Permit at 44 After Years of Skirting Laws
Corey Harris went viral for driving without a license during a virtual hearing. (Photo: Instagram video screenshot/Dionne Webster-Cox, X video screenshot/Collin Rugg)

Harris’ jubilation was a far cry from his mood last week when Washtenaw County District Court Judge J. Cedric Simpson revealed that Harris never had a license in Michigan or any other state despite being caught behind the wheel at least twice. Harris was then sent to jail because of a bench warrant.

Simpson also scolded the man for a TV interview where he blamed the state and its courts for not restoring his driving privileges after being suspended in 2010 for unpaid child support.

“He has never had a license. Ever. And has never had a license in any of the other 49 states or commonwealths that make up this country,” Simpson said. “The way I know that he’s never had a license is because on May 3, 1999 — he was 19 at the time — he applied for his first Michigan ID. He has religiously, every year, gotten a new ID. And so he knows that he doesn’t have a license.”

Harris, 44, also spent two days in jail in mid-May after the now-viral Zoom hearing, where an oblivious Harris parks his car.

“Are you driving?” the judge asks in the infamous video.

“Actually, I am pulling into my doctor’s office now, actually,” Harris says.

After the blunder, Harris told WXYZ that he should’ve never been charged for driving with a suspended license because the suspension was supposed to be lifted in 2022 and accused the Secretary of State’s office of fumbling paperwork required to clear his record in the court. However, Simpson revealed during the in-person hearing last week that the suspension was never officially lifted because Harris failed to pay the required fee.

Webster-Cox promised the judge her client would get his affairs in order, starting with obtaining the driving permit. 

Michigan drivers over 18 are required to complete a driver knowledge exam at a Secretary of State’s office and then practice driving with a licensed adult for at least 30 days before applying for their first license, according to the Michigan Department of State.

Harris earned congratulatory comments from viewers of the video on Instagram on Monday. 

“This is so awesome. Good luck to him,” one user wrote. “We are proud of you another user wrote.

One X user said he was anticipating another turn in the story that has been sweeping headlines.

“Looking forward to the next plot twist where he gets pulled over and it’s found that the learners permit was not valid because it was missing a stamp or something,” the user wrote.

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